Guild Information
Guild name Monolith
Forums Monolith Forum
Timezone Eastern United States
Language English

General Information Edit

  • Guild Name:Monolith
  • Server:Bloodspire
  • Guild Leader:Abunai
  • Guild Recruiter:Agares
  • Guild category (PvE, PvP, Raid, Other):PvP, Raid
  • Roleplay:No
  • Voice: Ventrilo
  • Recruiting members status: yes
  • Server type: PvP
  • Platform:PC
  • Age:18+

About us Edit

We are an Honor Guild, we only attack ganking guilds and those who challenge us or get in our way. We are experienced gamers from all genres who are coming together in Hyboria to grow our guild and reap the benefits. At this time we are looking for mature, experienced players to begin raiding and building a city. We do not want to be the largest guild, at a certain point order among the ranks begins to deteriorate, but we do want to be one of the best, most cohesive guilds. We will never back down or stray from our goal, all those who try to stop us will be met with arms, we are Monolith.

Requirements Edit

  • 18+ Years of Age
  • Ventrilo Client
  • Level 30+
  • Contribute as much as you take (ex. Placing resources in guild bank)

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