Guild Information
Guild name MIST WOLVES
Website Mist Wolves
Forums Mist Wolves on the (US) AoC Forums
Timezone GMT +10 (Aust); GMT +12 (NZ)
Language English
Server Type PvE
Realm Name Wiccana

General Information Edit

  • Guild Name: MIST WOLVES
  • Guild Leader: Branaugh
  • Guild Recruiter: Branaugh, Dara, Anagoana, Rocakapostle, Brutulus, Yangrin, Tarjack, Barayn
  • Guild category (PvE, PvP, Raid, Other): PvE, Raid, 6-Mans
  • Roleplay: At the players discretion and free to do so, but not official policy
  • Voice: Ventrilo (50 Channel Server)
  • Recruiting members status: Recruiting All Classes - Mist Wolves is currently recruiting all players (Australian, New Zealand and American)
  • Server type: PvE (Wiccana)
  • Age: No set age, but all current are 18+

About us Edit

Guild City

Location: Lacheish Plains

Instance: 1, Eastern most plot right up the mountain.

City Progression:

• Tier 1 – Complete

• Tier 2 – Complete

• Tier 3 – Need only 1 more building

Recruiting: Mist Wolves is currently recruiting all players (Australian, New Zealand and American) who play in our time zone (GMT +10).

Guild Focus: Mist Wolves is a guild focused on grouping up regularly for questing and raiding. More experienced members are more than happy to help out newer and lower level members with questions, quest help and the like.

Our Raid Times at the moment are:

• Wednesday 7.30 pm AEST / 9.30pm NZ

• Friday 7.30 pm AEST / 9.30pm NZ

• Sunday 7:30 pm AEST / 9.30pm NZ

• Group / 6-Mans during the rest of the week and T1's periodically to clear away the main quests for alts.


• Tier 1 on Farm

• Black Ring Citadel – Wing 1 on farm

• Black Ring Citadel – Wing 2 on farm

• Black Ring Citadel – Wing 3 on farm

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