Manchowder is a guild in Age of Conan, in the PvP server Fury. It is always recruiting players. It is a very flexible and open guild to all adventurers in Hyboria.

Manchowder is eager to merge with any guilds willing to for the goal to gather as much cheerful, mature and dedicated players as possible together into one guild, where everybody can relax and enjoy the game without the necessity of hardcore gaming.

The guild is very friendly towards new players and supports newbie helping aswell as teamwork. The founder of Manchowder is Troe. Manchowder is a guild with a Cimmerian government.

Manchowder has a website with a forum, all applicants must post an application in the official forums of the guild to get invited. Additional information, news, announcements, polls, blog, media etc. can be found on the guild's website.

Guild server: Fury ; Guild orientation: both PvP and PvE ; Guild created: 15.09.2008 ; Guild website:

current Manchowder website banner

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