Guild Information
Guild name Lethal Injection
Timezone Eastern / Central
Language English
Server Type North American / Non-RP / FFA

General Information Edit

About us Edit

Lethal Injection Edit

Note: we were looking forward to WAR but because of the delay we wanted to check AOC out, after playing the Tech Test and PvP weekend I was a bit surprised... As I had no expectations, and because of that impression a few LI and some applicants will be entering AOC. We currently are accepting applications and recruiting for AOC, however our expectations are high generally speaking. Experience in pvp required!

Server Type: Free For All Server Time Zone: Eastern/Central Language: English Server: North-American Style: Hardcore Organized PvP RP: Non-rp

Warning Edit

If you whine, don’t apply. If you get upset easily, don’t apply. If you cannot follow instructions, don’t apply. If you suck don’t apply. If you’re a server/guild hopper, don’t apply. Members should have access and/or own their computer.

  • Though Harsh, necessary*

Objective Edit

-Dominate the opposition & enjoy playing AOC with other like minded gamers… that is excel to be the best at what we do.

Style Edit

-Organized group PvP to the point when players hate to see us...

About Lethal Injection Edit

Lethal Injection was started March 18th 2005 by founder Aeson. The guild was created during the earlier WOW era because of a conflict of interest, basically PvE vs. PvP in a previous guild. This obviously lead to the creation of the guild Lethal Injection and we would later merge into another guild forming one of thee best PvP oriented guilds on our server (If not thee best). That guild would later move into pve and conquer pve content in the game; as well they have a few good arena teams.

We aimed at blockading horde from multiple places, constantly roaming the world for Group pvp (5v5)... and when we couldn’t find group pvp, we’d ganked the shit out of people... if there was no one to gank we took the fight directly to their capital. We’d constantly look for a challenge and enjoyed being out numbered in fights… prevailing against the odds was some of the best times I have had in WoW (Yes there was at one point a time I enjoyed WOW, that was PRE-BG).

We enjoyed nicknaming areas that we would frequently roam, and if you’d like more information on those areas it can be found under our history section on our website. (Its on our WAR side site, since aoc site is under construction)

Our most renowned spot was between Kargath & Searing gorge, which we called the “Jihad” aka we would pick off large raids and/or blockade entire guilds from hitting up MC/BWL/etc…

Lethal Injection currently has about 6 members which may seem quite low but we will look to form a strong guild with limitations on recruitment. I am the most active in the guild and not really gaming all too much at the moment. Some of the previous guys we played with are still playing the WOW arena and are doing great in the Arena… whom actually won the first 5 vs. 5 arena tournament in the world!

More… Edit

Were a pretty laidback bunch of guys normally joking in vent and if were not playing a game, we’d still hang out in Vent, even if others were playing. We’ve had a lot of interesting and awkward yet hilarious vent conversations in this guild. Some very odd conversations have come up to say the least.

Concern's that were brought up thus far: Edit

-Too much “Epeen”? We are confident, that is true. -Are we friendly? I’d say were friendly amongst those in the guild for sure. Opposing realm, rare; tho there may be at time where we can respect another guild/players skill. In terms of our own realm, I’d like to see some organization between leaders of guilds, whereas in WoW other guilds weren’t needed. -Do we have a code of conduct/charter? No, too bureaucratic... Personally I think they have no substance to them… in terms of within the guild, I think its common sense were going to be playing together and relying on each other, at times someone might get made fun of for mistakes and/or dying but I don’t think its gonna go too far. If it does we’ll try to resolve it in the guild.

Recruitment Philosophy Edit

-Be the best to attract the best.

Recruitment - We currently are recruiting for AOC.

What we look for in a player... Edit

-Group pvp & class skill -Quick Reaction Time -Vent & Microphone -Good Personality *Crazy can be good sometimes, lol -Decent Computer Specs -Discipline, able to stay with the group & when required follow instructions. -Must be Active and Dedicated to WAR (No WoW *by release) -Age 17 or older. -Loyalty -Reliablity, don’t want players spending all their time on ALTS, we need players who can be relied upon @ release.

A closer look at recruitment… Edit

-Basically the recruitment process will be as followed, you will be invited to apply & or have applied on your own… once your application is accepted the next process will be a trial period, in this trial period we will watch you, invite you to groups to see how well you play. If you pass the trial period & the majority of officers agree that you should be in, you’ll be invited to the guild. -How long is the trial period? TBA, leaning towards no time frame specifically...

Related note: Recruitment & Friends Edit

-Friends of Friends…we are not against playing with friends… however in general they will have to meet our expectations, honestly I got a few RL friends who are pretty good gamers, but I have a lot who suck. Friends will have to meet the guilds standard. Also we will not invite friends if the guild is not accepting players.

Guild Ranking Edit

-The Warden -Da Bulls -On Deathrow -Inmates -Fish

Guild Structure/Mechanics Edit

-Basically the Warden will be the person who makes a decision if Da bulls & Warden cannot come to a conclusion, it’s not always going to be one person making the decision, it will be made as a whole normally. -Players listed under Deathrow have been with the guild for awhile, trusted and valued members. Inmates are basically players who have shown dedication in the guild but are still relatively new. -Fish are the noobies of the guild, basically on trial periods and are still extremely new if they’ve passed their trial period.

Contact Edit

-Webmaster/Officer: Ezze -Rank: Bull -Aim: Ezxistence2

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