Guild Information
Guild name Fureur

Timezone Europe
Language French

The objectives of the guild are PvP, Pve Craft and "light RP" ( for pve we don't come to a conclusion yet for lack of information about contained "the pve" of the play), we will practise primarily the pvp (apparently AoC turns around this style of precise play) Craft have a very important place in the guild.

RP is not our principal orientation, but we will respect the people "RP" who will share our time of play. If a member of the guild of a conversation of rolists, he must plays the game and talks rp or leaves the place but He mustn't disturb the rolists.

Fureur guild is composed of impassioned players, these players have behind them several years of play and for the majority have played of many mmorpg. Of course we do not close our doors at the players who discovering the mmo, We don't want to be a "elite" guild or only the "pro" players have their places, but become a guild open to all .... but we having great ambitions Masters words are: quality (in term of members one will prefer quality has the quantity), ambition, friendship, solid structure and Team spirit.

  • Guild category (PvE,PvP,Raid,Other): pvp
  • Roleplay: light
  • Voice: TeamSpeak
  • Recruiting members status: open (we looking for french people)
  • Server type: pvp
  • Platform (PC, Xbox360): pc
  • Age:

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