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Guild name Legacy of Acheron
Timezone Eastern
Language English
Server Type RP-PvP

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About us Edit

The air is thick and humid as you fight against the brush of the jungle. The sounds of insects and night predators fill your head, but you do not fear the wild. You cannot fear it, for the spell that lures you will not allow such distractions. Compelled, you continue to wander deeper and deeper into the dark realm beneath the moonlit canopies. The very next moment, you find yourself standing before a crudely constructed hut with a single torch lighting the surrounding area. You do not know how you came to be there, but you do not have time to ponder it. The dried leaves that guard the doorway rustle as a woman's hand emerges. It beckons you in.

Entering the hut, you are overcome by the stench of death. You look around for the source, noticing piles of bones and other ghastly objects throughout the small room. As you feel yourself about to vomit, you are saved by a satchel of lime that the woman's hand holds to your nose. You take it, regaining your composure as you search for the face of your host. You are greeted by a young woman with dark skin and straight black hair.

"Feeling better? You will have to pardon the experiment gone awry. Come, sit, there is much to discuss. Yes, that is better isn't it? Allow me to introduce myself, you may call me Mistress Heket. I am a servant of The Immortal One...perhaps you have heard of him? In any event, you are here for a you a descendant of Acheron or a follower of demons, you will suit His needs. Yes, we are extending a very special invitation to you, the rebirth of Acheron is a gift only few are deserving of. Do not be overcome with excitement, you shall have to work to earn the favor of The Immortal One. Be glad His slavers did not find you before I did. Now tell me you fear the Burning Abyss?"

Legacy of Acheron is a heavy roleplay-pvp guild based in the US (on a North American server) with mature themes. We are based upon the lore of the fallen Kingdom of Acheron, and intend to explore these potential stories fully. Our guild structure is based upon a theocratic society that welcomes all members, be they slaves, civilians, militia, clergy, or otherwise.

We are currently looking to acquire new members as we wait for Age of Conan's launch. We welcome all races and classes, although Priests of Mitra -may- have a bit of a tough time getting out of their slave shackles! Those who would like to learn more about us are welcome to visit our website or post any questions in this thread. The following is our F.A.Q.:

· What is Legacy of Acheron? Legacy of Acheron is a US-NA Heavy Mature RP-PvP guild in Funcom's Age of Conan, based off the works of Robert E. Howard.

· RP-PvP? What's that?

Roleplaying Player vs. Player, essentially we are a guild that enjoys acting out the roles of our characters as though they were living, breathing people in Hyboria. We are part of a Free For All server which gives us the freedom to attack and be attacked by anyone outside of our own sphere of influence.

· What sort of roleplay does Legacy of Acheron do?

First and foremost, our roleplay is set strictly in the works of Robert E. Howard. Half-unicorn elf folk will not be recognized. We expect all members (and hopefully our server's community) to respect the lore as it was written, and build their stories within realistic boundaries.

Our own guild is based upon the Kingdom of Acheron. A highly civilized society of dark sorcerers and demonic magics, the Acheronian kingdom was a fearsome power in its time. Acheron was destroyed 3,000 years before the time of Age of Conan.

Descendants of Acheron still live, scattered across Hyboria. The guild will explore the stories of both these descendants and the people of Hyboria who give themselves to the powers of demonic magic.

Our guild will act as a civilization under Theocratic rule by a sole entity known as "The Immortal One". Through his influence, this entity has established a small following that seeks to rebuild the forgotten Kingdom. A primary theme within the guild will be based upon the Faustus legend - pacts with demonic entities will be exalted as the future of humanity, the means to shatter our limitations.

We will practice slavery, sacrifice, and we shall keep harems. Devotion to The Immortal One and his demonic patrons will be the key to survival in our guild. For those wishing to explore the stories of Acheron hidden beneath the sands of time, we encourage you to join us.

· So wait, you're evil...right?

To an outsider looking in? Yes. Our human perceptions lead us to think of things such as slavery and sacrifice as evil deeds.

To our own characters however, we are simply doing the will of The Immortal One and his demon patrons. We are moving ourselves into the future with the power of our ancestors. Conan's world is dog eat dog, and power is the only way to survive.

That much said, members need not be explicitly evil. Most of the civilian caste is expected to go about their daily lives, only offering worship to The Immortal as necessary. Your reasons for joining us are your own, and your life is free for you to live. The only truly uniting theme in our roleplay is our devotion to The Immortal One and the dream of rebuilding Acheron.

· How can I join Legacy of Acheron?

You may submit an application on our guild's forums using the pre-defined template.

Members may be recruited by the officership at any-time in-game based on the circumstances of roleplay.

· What are the requirements to join?

First and foremost, you must be a roleplayer. While we will have an out-of-character channel, almost all guild activities will be done in-character.

Maturity and respect is expected of all members. Drama, be it IC or OOC, is not acceptable. While we do not have a minimum age requirement, Age of Conan is rated M for Mature, which -does- have an age requirement. We will be making good use of the content that gave the game that rating, and members are expected to have acknowledged that when purchasing the box.

· I keep hearing people talk about this...Dominion thing. Did I miss something?

You missed quite a lot, sadly. <The Dominion> is a roleplaying guild on the RavenholdtUS server of World of Warcraft, and the origin of many of Legacy of Acheron's members.

In our time in WoW, we were a large and prosperous guild that led a majority of the successful roleplaying campaigns on our server. Due to decreasing interest in roleplay however, we ultimately made the decision to migrate to Age of Conan.

The stories of <The Dominion> will not relate to Legacy of Acheron in any way. This is a new guild, with a new purpose.

· Wait...The Dominion?! I've heard of you guys!

We're not surprised. We earned a pretty weird reputation during our time in WoW! The rumors have been astounding...I mean really, a secret crack-team that harasses people on other servers after we've forced them to transfer off for not roleplaying the way we've demanded it? Seems a bit ridiculous, no?

We encourage you to get to know us. Our successes and influence on Ravenholdt is the source of many of these ill-founded rumors, and we're honestly shocked that any of these have developed. We are all fun-loving, mature players who respect one another, and wish for the well-being of the community that we play in.

I assure you, we've made no efforts for taking over the server, harassing players, or dipping baby pandas in ogre pheromones and tossing them into Dire Maul North.

...well okay, that last one I can't deny.

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