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Guild Information
Guild name Legacy

Server Type PvE
Realm Name Zug

General Information Edit

About us Edit

Legacy is an active guild located on the Zug server of Age of Conan. We are a guild geared towards the more mature and semi casual/hardcore player. We are a guild that supports friendship and fun, where we hope to create a home for those seeking refuge from those risky upper level pickup groups. We are not "hardcore" but a group that tackles questing, instances and raids with a balance of seriousness, silliness, and success.

Legacy realizes that real life comes first. Whether you have school, work long hours, have small children, or need to work on spouse faction, we support you. There are those who are able to enjoy Age of Conan more often, for longer hours, and we support you as well. Nobody will be required to specialize or play a certain way to meet the needs of the Guild.

If you are interested on joining Legacy, please read the Guild Charter and you can find the information on how to apply under the "Recruitment" section of our forum.

Thank you for visiting us! Hope to see you in Hyboria!

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