Guild Information
Guild name Ladies G0diva
Website myspace:
Timezone Central
Language English
Server Type PvP
Realm Name Bane

General Information Edit

About us Edit

The Ladies G0diva is female only membership. We honor the legendary Lady Godiva by riding forth across the Hyborian realms in her fashion, completely nude. We charge into battle with grace, beauty and finesse. We fight with honor. We are a sisterhood of strong women who fight for the tenets they've devoted their lives to the same way their God's made them. The Ladies Godiva come from every land, Stygian, Cimmerian and Aquilonian. Yet we are united despite our differences. We're currently recruiting all positions. Please visit the guild page for more details of our doctrine.

As the guild expands, I wish to start mini-games, contests and similar events. I want to encourage a fun and laid back atmosphere. Above all else, this is a game and we should be enjoying ourselves! I hope I will see many other lovely ladies joining our ranks in the days to come. Check us out on our guildpage if you'd like to join, or to just check us out. Screenshots will soon be uploaded! ;P

Ladies G0diva is a guild seeking mature players whom enjoy the natural feminine form. Minors aren't supposed to be playing this game anyways, all the nudity and violence, your mommies said no! Lol! If you are an adult and have a problem with nudity, just change your camera angle and look somewhere else. But get your head examined that you think decapitations are okay but nipples are not. So if you are a minor, don't act like one in our guild, or we'll tell your mommy.

We encourage role play, though it is not a requirement. I prefer that in Guild Chat conversation stays in character, though in groups, that is up to the individual group. Cussing and crass language is permitted, but not in OCC or Say, as that reflects upon our entire guild. However, explicit language suggestive of lewd behavior may not be tolerated. Erotic Role Play is acceptable in private "In Character" conversations, however there are boundaries that shouldn't be crossed. This is a game, not a dating service, go to or something. Cyber on your own dime. And don't tell me she was asking for it, look how she's dressed (or not dressed so the case may be). And if you don't know what cybering is and what is acceptable ERP means, then you are too young to be playing this game any way.

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