Guild Information
Guild name Knights of White Sword
Timezone GMT +10
Language English
Server Type PvP
Realm Name Bloodspire

General Information Edit

  • 'Guild Name: Knights of White Sword'
  • 'Guild Website:'
  • 'Guild Forums:'
  • 'Main Time Zone: GMT +10'
  • 'Guild Leader: Sylith'
  • 'Guild Recruiter: Bonespawn Krion'
  • 'Guild category: PvP'
  • 'Roleplay: Friendly'
  • 'Voice: Ventrilo'
  • 'Recruiting members status: Recruiting'
  • 'Platform: PC'
  • 'Age: 18+'

About Us Edit

Knights of White Sword is a mature semi professional guild comprising of different characters and levels. Our guild city is located in Poltain in the south of the region.

Knights of White Sword believe in maintaining the virtues of honourable conduct, honesty and integrity in dealings within Hyboria. To this end, Knights of White Sword are against overly vicious ganking, griefing and general abuse.

If you would like to join Knights of White Sword, just go to the website and fill out the application.

Guild Allies Edit

  • The Forsaken

Guild History Edit

Knights of White Sword started on the 7th of June 2008.
Guild Keep raised on 11th June 2008.

Guild Members Edit

Sylith - Conqueror
Bonespawn - Necromancer
Alak - Priest of Mitra
Shrub - Barbarian
Thadd - Dark Templar
Icthius - Assassin
Balpheron - Herald of Xolti
Krion - Guardian
Iamdeath - Necromancer
Gigi - Barbarian
Laylen - Assassin
Bochi - Herald of Xolti

Ranks Edit

Coming Soon.

Guild Links Edit

Coming Soon.

Contact List Edit

Guild Master:

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