Guild Information
Guild name Knights of Darkness
Timezone Any
Language English
Server Type PvE

General Information Edit

About us Edit

We are an older guild, been around since UO. We are all pretty good friends and we come from all sorts of MMO's, ranging from Ultima Online, DAOC, SWG, EQ, EQ2, WoW, Vanguard, LotRO, and many others. After SWG we spread out a bit and now we're all coming to AoC. Our guild is made up of mostly adults and everyone acts mature. We have fun doing whatever and most of us are pretty hard core gamers. We currently have an alliance with Brotherhood of the Sacred Shadows. While we generally designate times based on EST we accept members of all time zones.

Guild Guidelines Edit

1. Must be respectful to everyone, the people of the guild especially but everyone in the game in general.

2. Must wear the KoD tag with honor. No ganking and griefing people and other like activities.

3. If a problem does occur between a member and someone of the community it should be handled behind closed doors, not in open chat to make us and the member look like asses.

4. Must be a mature gamer, age doesn't really matter, although no children will be allowed into the guild.

5. Must be able to take a joke, this is a game, people are going to goof off and have fun.

6. Teamwork, we are a guild, and we expect our members to participate in events and help other members out when they need it, as it will be returned.

7. We expect our members to play the game, but we do realize that Real Life takes priority. All we ask is that we know what is going on for extended absences.

8. Enjoy the game and have fun, that's why we are all here.

Ranking Edit

Our chain of command is simply structured, Leader, Officers, Hard Core Members, Members, and Trial Members. The officers vote on everything the guild does and the Leader sets the direction of the guild. We do this to ensure that the guild has a voice and our members are and stay as happy with us as they can so that the guild is always becoming stronger and getting better.

As the guild does continue to grow we will be looking for more officers to help the guild get better and still grow. Guild rank will not be determined by level, though level may have something to do with it as it will show experience, overall contribution to the guild and game knowledge will be the largest factors.

Leader - Rage

Officers - Visha, Doladdilla, Soccerboyis, Ravella and Wyend

Goals Edit

Our goal is to achieve end game status with PVE and at the same time maintain a dominating presence in PVP. We will be located on a PVE server with a focus on PVP in the Border Nations. We will be a very active guild and will maintain a busy schedule of events. We have our own vent server which will be utilized for all guild events. We plan on many regular activities such as guild XP sessions, PVE raids, PVP raids, city protection and just about anything else we choose to do once the game launches.

As of now our raiding schedule is as the following:

Squires - 5 days a week - Tuesday and Saturday are off days.

Vassals - 4 days a week - Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday are days off.

Raids start at 9pm EST. (as raids are supposed to last no longer than 3 hours)

Sieges start at 10pm EST.

2 of the events a week will be sieges.

Recruitment Expectations Edit

We are looking for members that are mature who have the same goals as us. We want Hard Core Gamers and regular gamers alike, because the game mechanics are different and we need more people to be able to siege we want both types of players. We will have a section of hard core players who will be pushing the guild further when it comes to raiding, and everyone for the sieges. We want people who want to achieve end game status, and not just achieve it, but be one of the first to do so. We also want members who want to PvP as we will also be maintaining a presence in the Border Nation. And what we mean by presence is owning a battle keep, fort, and/or resources. We also want people who enjoy or even love to craft. No guild can really be successful without good crafters also.

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