• About the guild

KBS was started by BSK in the end of the year 1997 in Taipei City. The guild mainly tries to gather Taiwanese players and people who can also read Traditional Chinese but living in US, Singapore, Hong Kong. We have an unique system to manage the guild, and most of us are hardcore players. We have tried most MMORPG in the past 10 years, and are aiming AOC for now.

會長BSK在公元一九九七年於台北成立KBS, 歷經暗黑, UO, AO, DAOC, EQ, SB, L2, WOW, 現在我們要進軍AOC. 我們有獨特的方式管理公會, 加上很多人都是Hardcore玩家, 相信我們可以在這個遊戲中成功的生存.

  • Guild Name Knights of Blue Sky
  • Guild Timezone GMT+8 (TPE)
  • Guild Language Traditional Chinese
  • Guild Website
  • Guild Forums
  • Guild Video
  • Guild Leader BSK
  • Guild category :PvP
  • Voice communication :guild ventrilo server (公會專屬ventrilo伺服器)
  • Guild Recruiting :You have to be above the age of 17 to apply for KBS, you also need to be able to speak English OR Chinese. Chinese speakers can log in our guild homepage for the applications, and English speakers need to wait for KBS-En homepage released.
  • Server type :FFA PVP

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