Guild Information
Guild name Khorphir
Timezone All Timezones
Language English
Server Type RP-PvP
Realm Name Cimmeria

Khorphir - A Premier AoC RP Guild

Website: Khorphir

Server: Cimmeria (RP-PVP)

Time Zone: Any U.S. (primarily EST)

Guild Recruiter: Bamilus

RP: Light to moderate. Beginners welcome (as long as you are willing to learn)

PvE: Grouping with end-game raiding planned.

PvP: Guild warfare, battlegames, and end-game siege warfare.

Ventrilo: Planned for the near future.

Recruitment Status: All races/classes open.

Age: 18+

Guild Focus:Edit

To create a fun roleplaying environment based on teamwork, maturity, positive attitude, and dedication. Khorphir strives to create an environment that rewards guild involvement and service. Planned and spontaenous roleplaying is another major focus of the guild, along with story-telling. High-end raiding and siege PvP warfare are also important goals for Khorphir.

What We Look for in a Recruit:Edit

Khorphir seeks active, friendly, mature, and competent players. Players that enjoy group PvP, role-playing, and being actively involved in the guild (both in and out of game) are prime candidates for Khorphir. Involvement in guild events, voting, and discussions are also expected of members.

How to Apply:Edit

If you are interested in joining Khorphir, visit the Apply Here thread and follow the instructions inside.

Role Play Information:Edit

Role Play Goals:Edit

What is Khorphir’s overall RP Purpose?Edit

1. Bring about the resurrection of Xaltotun

2. Affect the return of the Ancient Empire of Acheron

3. Destroy or circumvent any groups or individuals who either directly or indirectly interfere with these goals

How do the above goals translate into “In Game” RP goals?Edit

1. Make an ally of Thoth-Amon, and if found to be unwilling, destroy him to he cannot challenge the great Xaltotun. (( End Game PvE Raiding ))

2. Establish a kingdom where ancient Acheron can start anew (( End Game PvP Sieges ))

3. Openly oppose all allies of Conan, King of Aquilonia. Conan thwarted Xaltotun in the past and must not be allowed to do so again. At the current time, Conan is untouchable, but we can attack his base of support in the hopes that we can one day destroy him.

4. Openly oppose enemies of Set. Xaltotun is a Priest of Set

5. Covertly oppose Cimmeria. These barbarians were always a thorn in the side of Acheron, but proved too much even for our ancient Empire to destroy. For now, we must find a way to circumvent the Cimmerians so they do not pose a threat to bringing Acheron back.

Khorphir: The BeginningEdit

At a young age, Marrlock helped Bamilus fend off a pack of wolves while shepherding their flocks of sheep in the mountains bordering Aquilonia and Nemedia. They quickly became good friends. They would often spar together trying out various fighting techniques.

They both found out that their people were descended from the ancient Acheronian Empire. They often swapped stories about their heritage. When they had started repeating the same stories over and over they began to thirst for more knowledge.

At 18, the pair left their villages to stake their claim in the larger world. Their intent was to find more knowledge of Acheron or other descendants who may know other parts of their history. They were met with scorn and laughter and eventually turned away from their quest.

They hired on as caravan guards and refined the skills they learned as children in the art of fighting. They eventually gained notoriety and were highly sought after. They expanded their business to include all kinds of mercenary work and quickly became well known for settling scores.

The idea of working for others soon wore on the pair. While making good money, they wanted to be their own masters. They resumed their quest to learn about ancient Acheron. They were continually met by resistance but decided that no was not an acceptable answer. They resorted to all sorts of underhanded tactics to achieve their goals. They soon began to revel in the power they had to make others talk.

One day they wandered into a bar in Tesso and sat down for a drink. They overheard bits and pieces of a conversation at one of the corner tables. They didn’t hear much, but a priest at the table uttered the word Acheron which immediately caught their attention. When the priest left the bar they silently followed. They stopped the priest once they were out of the way of prying ears and questioned him about what he sought. He was hesitant at first, only offering that he sought information on the Acheronian Empire.

The two, intrigued by the priest, offered to accompany him on his quest, supplying the muscle to force the information out of people if necessary. The priest accepted their offer and set off. They decided to play a subservient role, as much as it pained them, to acquire by stealth and deception what they had sought.

It turned out the Priest, who was called Orastes, was a former priest of Mitra who had been outcast for dabbling in dark arts. Over the course of a few months and many successful ventures, Orastes began to trust Marrlock and Bamilus with more important information.

They learned that Orastes’ goal was to resurrect the most powerful sorcerer of ancient Acheron, one Xaltotun. He intended to use Xaltotun’s powers to place new kings on the thrones of both Nemedia and Aquilonia so that he might rule from behind. The pair was given the vital task of seeking out a band of Zamorian thieves to help accomplish their goal. They set off to Zamoria and eventually found a band up to the task.

Orastes placed certain spells around the thieves and set them off to steal Xaltotun’s remains from an ancient subterranean temple of Set. After that was completed Orastes sent the thieves to an underground cavern beneath the Temple of Mitra in Tarantia. The thieves met fierce forces and demons in that cavern but one was able to acquire the Heart of Ahriman with which Orastes planned to resurrect the great wizard.

They met up in Belverus, the capital of Nemedia, and with the would-be kings in tow, set about raising the dead. Marrlock and Bamilus hung back during the encounter planning to talk to Xaltotun at a more opportune time. When they left the area Xaltotun dropped back to talk to the pair. He immediately recognized that the pair were of Acheronian descent and wished to use the pair to further his own ends. The pair, realizing that Xaltotun was the key to achieving their goal, quickly switched their allegiances to him. They originally only sought information about Acheron, but Xaltotun eventually revealed that he planned to bring back his ancient empire. The pair could not believe that something so grand was possible but were willing to do whatever it took help bring about Xaltotun’s dark plans.

After a few months Xaltotun set the pair off to find and recruit other Acheronians or people of great skill who could be trusted. They were able to recruit a Warrior and a Priest of Set fairly quickly. The four searched far and wide and eventually came across a band of exiled Argosseans fighting against the God Set. They quickly saw an opportunity to infiltrate this group, and through its enemies, find the people they sought.

After many encounters with followers of Set they had been unable to find a way to recruit any without arousing suspicion in Abydos. They decided it was time to move on to continue their search elsewhere. Marrlock had risen to second in command and, instead of just leaving, decided he had an opportunity to remove a powerful potential enemy to Xaltotun. He set out to sow the seeds of discontent between the group.

Having spent so much time with the band’s leader Basil, Marrlock knew that he could exploit some of his obsessions. He manipulated Basil into changing the bands purpose from that of just destroying Set to one of religious conversion of all heretics not following Mitra, Dagon, or Crom. Marrlock continued to work on Basil’s psyche and was able to persuade him to go on some religious expedition. The followers of Basil soon grew discontented at their leader’s absence. It became evident that Basil only cared about himself and power.

After a few months within Abydos, the pair learned, to their utter despair, that Xaltotun had been defeated in battle. Seeing that he had once been resurrected they reasoned that with enough time and effort, they may be able to once again raise the great sorcerer. They quickly ramped up their efforts to destroy Abydos so they might depart and raise their great master once again from the pits of hell.

It didn’t take long before the city state of Abydos was ripping at the seams. Basil had been gone for some time without sending word of his activities or plans. Marrlock and Bamilus saw this as their opportunity. They pulled Munlaic aside and encouraged him to have it out with Basil about his religious crusade against all non believers. When Basil finally returned, Munlaic demanded an audience. Munlaic challenged the religious persecution and Basil snapped. He attacked Munlaic and beat him within an inch of his life. Munlaic was then thrown out of the city to face whatever the fates lay in store for him.

The pair pulled aside the most influential Priest of Mitra in the city, Salinovia, and convinced him to seek more power in the guild. Salinovia had an intricate network of potential allies and spies and felt he would be a good emissary. Salinovia graciously asked Basil for the promotion. Instead of rationally talking with Salinovia, Basil, as expcted by Marrlock, mocked Salinovia’s attempt, and hoping to retain all the power he could, openly cursed and embarrassed him. Marrlock and Bamilus convinced Salinovia to leave and seek out Munlaic. He gathered up some of his staunchest supporters and left the city.

Marrlock stayed behind for a short time to ensure Basil’s grips on sanity were beyond recovery. Once he was satisfied, he left to catch up with the others. He talked to them about the Acheronian Empire and convinced them to join with Bamilus and himself. Together they acquired a base in the Purple Lotus Swamps to bring about the resurgence of the Acheronian Empire.

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