Guild Information
Guild name KaoS
Timezone GMT+1
Language English
Server Type PvP

General Information Edit

  • Guild Name: KaoS Contingency
  • Server: EU-Fury
  • Guild Website:
  • Guild Forums:
  • IRC: #Kaos.Legion on Quakenet
  • Main Time Zone: GMT+1
  • Guild Leader: Gina
  • Guild category (PvE, PvP, Raid, Other): Mostly Raid/PvP
  • Roleplay: No
  • Voice: Teamspeak
  • Recruiting members status: Yes
  • Platform: PC

About us Edit

KaoS is part of an European gaming community with its headquarters located in The Netherlands and currently sporting professional teams in various competitive online games. We could best be described as a laid back, friendly guild who cherishes progress but without being too hardcore. A lot of our members have previous experience from hardcore MMO or competitive FPSes.


History 2003 - The birth of KaoS

Our origin

2003, was the first year KaoS was out in the field. Although not as an MGC but as a single gaming clan. It all started when the two founders met each other while gaming for their clans in Ravenshield, a realistic FPS shooter. I (Smuggy) was personally playing in a different clan at this time. But shortly after joined what was then called "The Brotherhood of Steel", a clan founded by Proximo in Ravenshield.

Cooperation kickoff

After a short while in which me (Smuggy) and Proximo worked together in the Brotherhood of Steel we (Smuggy and Proximo) found that both of us had aspirations for something bigger than just one game. We firstly founded a new clan, called KaoS. The website was redone, a new domain was registered and we were good to go, well almost good to go anyway...lots of work followed.

The first team to join up

Our first team talks

It took some time but we were finally ready to go as the first talks of cooperation were established between a ut2k4 team known as the "sap sjappies".

The management

By now we had established a management team for KaoS. Which at this point (if memory serves correct) consisted of Smuggy, Proximo, Chaplain and Smith. But we all soon realized that we needed more to help us out. This need for more voiced itself in the ut2k4 team that first joined up. We had KurD and Burt later on Wuzzel, and so on the management started to expand.

More team talks

After many teams followed, of which some players are now cup/ladder admins for clanbase as well as some being part of currently successful multigaming clans, we had set the basis for a good multigaming clan to reach further heights.

2004 - KaoS Renamed

The status of KaoS

At this point we had about 3-4 teams running with us. Of which one was resident in Battlefield:Vietnam. It came to our knowledge that there were other teams around using the KaoS name. So after some short discussions, where name changes like ‘’eSotheric divinities’’ occurred, we decided to take a different approach.

Alternative renaming

Why not keep our name and extend it? That is how the KaoS Contingency was forged. Contingency was chosen due to one of the definitions that belong to this word: A possibility that must be prepared for. The possibility that someone had the same name as us was there, we thought it to be a remote possibility..but we were wrong.

2005 - The end of KaoS Part1

Awards and success

Our Ravenshield team had established a 3rd place in the Ravenshield cup. Our MoHAA team had gotten a 3rd place in the open cup and even qualified to participate in the non open cups. Our ut2k4 team had gotten good ladder positions throughout 2004 in the ONSlaught ladder.


We never had focused on only getting the top teams. But unknowingly we managed to establish ourselves somewhat anyhow. We had our drawbacks quite obviously, with our Call of Duty team leader being banned for a multihack and disappearing into the mists to never be seen again.

But the point was, we never lost faith or focus and always kept going.

The ending

However, due to many factors this was the year that KaoS ended its appearance as a multigaming clan. For one, World of Warcraft happened which many of us started to play. The two founders (me and Proximo) had a heated argument half way through 2005 which led to us both going our seperate ways.

Smuggy kept KaoS in wow but didn't have the energy or aspirations to get KaoS back on the market as a MGC. Proximo founded a new multigaming clan (glowgaming) which booked very good results.

And so 2005 passed away as a less MultiGaming successful year...but still a good one nonetheless.

2006 - World of Warcraft is a lifestyle

That lifestyle

We all know it was a lifestyle don't we? KaoS kept going in World of Warcraft. We weere and still are one of the 3-4 guilds on our main server (shattered-hand EU) that has been around since the release of WoW (02/05). Where many guilds have disbanded (and renamed/reestablished) we have always stood strong. On top of shattered hand we also have a guild located on the Frostmane server.

Something noteworthy. Our first team (ut2k4 sap sjappies) where the founding members amongst others of the guild "Unknown" on Aggamagan and after a server move Kor'Gall.

The 2006 conclusion

2006 was a lot, it took a lot of energy from a lot of people to get KaoS to be an above average guild at this point. And suffice to say we all had a lot of fun. With over 100 members in KaoS and daily playing of ~4hours we had our ups and downs...but a lot of fun in the process and accomplishments.

But 2006 was the "WoW" year, nothing more than that. Do note as said above..a lot of fun, just not multigaming.

2007 - The rebirth "project.KaoS"

The forgotten

As many had already forgotten by now, KaoS was a multigaming clan. We didn't "multigame" for 2 years, but that would come to change within the next few weeks around January-March of 2007.

Establishing old relations

The founders of KaoS met up again after about 1.5years of cool down period. And a good go towards kickstarting the MGC period was made.

It all re-started by a little horizontal expansion inside wow. KaoS had become a two server guild. With presence at Shattered hand and now Frostmane as well.

The planning stage

Not much needs to be said but a few weeks later the planning had started to get a management structure in KaoS once again, changing the website to help us as a multigaming clan was on of the first few goals to reach.

And here we are, on our way to multigaming once again!

2007 - Q3 and Q4

After our summerdip in August the temperature declined and people went back home. With renewed hopes and motivation we picked up where we left off. Some cleaning occured in the management to ensure that we had able bodied staff and very much so...motivated staff.

A quick trip in months after august As such we continue.

The MOHAA team stuck with KaoS through the summerdip. Following them was the new CS1.6 team. And while we are calling rounds, Trackmania Nations and soon CSS teams where added to our community.

Another sponsor October 2007

We had a promising contact pop our way that resulted in TheGameWorld becoming our primary gameserver sponsor. And so far the cooperation has been smooth and fruitful for both. And we are glad to have successfully pulled through our trial period with them and be officially sponsored.

Our own projects

Somewhere mid October 2007 we had some very interesting and promising ideas sprout our way. One of which is going to develop itself into our very own gamecafe. That and other projects can from now on be followed via the projects page to your left.

The first KaoS goodie

It finally happened. We got our first KaoS goodie. One that isn't just a simple good. But a high quality polo shirt with our own embroidered logo (none of that thermal print fiddly stuff ).

And interestingly enough we managed to sell of 75% of our stock within the first week. All money being redirected to more goodies and LAN fees for our teams. Thanks to all that have bought a shirt and supported KaoS!

The first cup victory this quarter

Our CSS team was able to achieve the first prize in the Fragnatix cup. Fighting Fragnatix.suxus themselves in an interesting final.

And most likely our MOHAA team is not far behind as they have conquered a place in the EuroCup finals. While they initially needed some good warming up to really get started, it is safe to say they have manage to spinoff into a top team worthy of any opponent for this EC.

And so we approach the end Of this year anyway...

With much happiness and a mountain high motivation. I can be sure to say that many in KaoS feel a bright future coming our way. Our combination of community and e-sports. Gaming and fun can only lead to a fruitful future. Stay tuned as more updates will be given in about 6 months time .

Thanks go out to the management in supporting KaoS this far and very much so to the teams and players that have faith in our judgement.

2008 still to be updated!

KaoS Contingency sponsord by , , and

Be sure to visit us at ! Cu ingame!

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