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Immortal is currently offering open recruitment for 30 days for Age of Conan.

Our strength in Age of Conan will not come from our sheer size in numbers but from our many virtues as a guild: Dedication, Experience, Leadership, Ambition, Loyalty, and Unity

We will be joining a US PVP server

We use Vent to coordinate Guild combat and activities

About Us Immortal is the tree from which our branches will extend, from this world to all the others of our choosing. We are Immortal, our branches may wither and die but the tree shall live on and grow new branches.

Immortal is a guild of friends, for many of us these friends are as close to us as anyone we know in our so called real lives. Is someone you know only through text or voice chat real? I say they are. Among us you will find every sort of gamer you could think of, hardcore, casual, hardcore-casual (yes, hardcore-casual is a type of gamer that plays as much as the hardcore but is more focused on the relationships with his/her guild-mates and finds the joy of the game from being with and helping them). We are as diverse as the modern world, with members spanning the globe and with that diversity we must also understand that not everyone will agree with our own thoughts, and we may not agree with theirs, but we all must understand that "that" is what makes us each who we are. We all share something more important then race, religion or blood, we share Life itself. Immortal is a mixture of all types of people and we wouldn't have it any other way.

We have been and/or are involved in: Ultima Online Asheron’s Call Asheron's Call 2 Everquest 2 Shadowbane SWG Horizons World of Warcraft Vanguard Ogame Lord of the Rings Hellgate: London Tabula Rasa Team Fortress 2 Second Life Various Console Games

Our Gaming History

Founded in 2002, the main founding members were in many different games, from Ultima Online, Asheron's Call 1 to Everquest. It was only in Asheron's Call 2 that 'The Order' was formed and this name followed the guild until 2005 when 'The Order' became 'Immortal'.

The Future … Immortal is first and foremost a gaming guild. And one of the responsibilities of a gaming guild is to provide a solid foundation so members are free to actually play the games. Critical to building this solid foundation is the decision making process surrounding entering new games (we term them chapters).

This year (2008), this process has resulted in the decisions to enter Age of Conan (AoC): Hyborion Adventures as well as WarHammer Online, both very promising MMOs which would allow Immortal to propel to even greater heights of gaming achievements.

Immortal’s Goals Our hopes for Immortal are that we as a guild can accommodate all of our play styles and stay a strong guild that will last for years to come. As we enter into AOC we will focus on Establishing a City where we can thrive, and move on to creating a battle keep as well. We will be strong because of our numbers, but more importantly we will be strong because of our Members. In all things we do, we remember that we are Family.

We are looking for strong membership oriented people, that are looking to be part of a large family. We want to experience all aspects of this game. More importantly, we want to grow our family with solid people looking for a long term home.

im•mor•tal Pronunciation: \(ˌ)i-ˈmȯr-təl\ Etymology: Middle English, from Latin immortalis, from in- + mortalis mortal Date: 14th century 1 : exempt from death 2 : exempt from oblivion

Zed Founder and Overlord

Paks Recruitment Officer

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