Guild Information
Guild name Immortal
Website in Development
Forums same as web site
Timezone -8 USA/+10 Australia
Language English
Server Type unknown

General Information Edit

  • 'Guild Name:'Immortal
  • 'Guild Website:'[1]
  • Guild Forums:
  • IRC:
  • Main Time Zone:
  • 'Guild Leader:'Sumerian
  • 'Guild Recruiter:'Sumerian
  • 'Guild category (PvE, PvP, Raid, Other):'pvp
  • Roleplay:
  • 'Voice:'ventrilo
  • 'Recruiting members status:'limited recruting
  • 'Server type:'BLOODSPIRE (PVP)
  • 'Platform:'both
  • 'Age:'18+

About us Edit

We are a hard core USA /Australia based Raid/PVP guild with members from many other countries as well.

We are a guild that has extensive experience in MMORPG games such as Everquest ,Everquest 2 , World of Warcraft , Guild Wars , Eve. We pride our self’s on quality over quantity . From all factors of the game be it PVP , Raids , or Clearing instances in record times Our ability to understand in game mechanics has helped us in many ways, witch items to equip and for what reason, how to maximize dps, heals and tanking. We also love input from our guild members, any ideas, strategies, gear changes, group make up etc. to make our force stronger. This input is not only welcome but encouraged.

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