Guild Information
Guild name House of Valor

Timezone (US/Euro)
Language English

  • Guild Name: House of Valor
  • Guild Website:
  • Main Time Zone: (US/Euro)
  • Guild Leader or Recruiter: Gronk and Valorus
  • About Us:

We are the House of Valor. This guild was created by Gronk and Valorus. We wanted to make a guild that will withstand the hardships in AoC. A guild that can grow strong and stay strong. Were our members can become friends in and out of the game. We understand how hard it is to play a MMO and live your life. This guild is for our mature community. We will not boot you out of the guild because you had a family emergency. You will not be removed because you have not found the time to play. We believe in Teamwork. If we work together,we can withstand any problem together.In saying this,we use Teamspeak for every day use. So we recommend you down load this. If you are looking for a serious guild in AoC? Then join House of Valor.

  • Guild category (PvE,PvP,Raid,Other): PvE and PvP
  • Roleplay: Medium
  • Voice: Teamspeak (TS Server not up yet)
  • Recruiting members status: Open to all races and classes
  • Server type: PvE server (May change to PvP server Pending)

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