Guild Information
Guild name House of Asgard
Timezone GMT
Language English
Server Type RP-PvP
Realm Name Corinthia

About us Edit

Heavy RP Guild seeking RP'ers who enjoy adult RP and a mature enviroment. We intend to run story lines weekly as well as build a guild city and defend it. The city will serve as our RP hub in Hyboria.

She was scouting the border of Asgard peering down on the growing numbers of Venir making camp not far from the village. The skies above were thick with heavy grey clouds; the air cold, her breath foggy. The sounds of wolves howling in the distant trees could be heard and sunset was not far off. She needed to make haste back to the village and warn them of the impending assault. She iced over. She could hear foot steps crunch in the snow. The boughs of the trees parted and there stood Frostblood one of the Vanirs most renown warriors brandishing a two handed war hammer. There was moments pause as the two gazed at each other. Flostbloods blood red eyes ferocious as he lunged forward.

She gritted her teeth as their weapons clashed together and began to push on the handle of her great axe with all of her might, the head biting into the heft of Frostblood's hammer. Shoving his hammer upward, the unpredictable move throwing her off balance. She staggered back as the steel counter weight of the hammer collided with her temple, blackness filled her thoughts. She collapsed and sank into the snow. Frostblood watched the body twitch for a moment and walked away believeing she would die.

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