Guild Information
Guild name Hoss AoC
Timezone Pacific, Eastern, Central (US)
Language English
Server Type

General Information Edit

  • Guild Name: Hoss
  • Game: Age of Conan
  • Multi-gaming guild:Novus Via
  • Guild Website:
  • Guild Forums: Forums
  • Guild Forums registration: Register on forums
  • Main Time Zone: US Pacific, US Central, US Eastern
  • Guild Leader: Adro & Katt
  • Guild Recruiter: Aindayen & Nodrin
  • Guild Email:
  • Voice: Ventrilo - Info listed in guild forums
  • Recruiting members status: Currently Recruiting
  • Recruitment Application: application bucket
  • Server type: PVP Doomsayer
  • Age: Applications are considered on a case by case basis.

About us Edit


To be one of the best guilds in every game we play.

To adhere to principles that promotes the growth and well being of the organization.

To promote fairness, kindness, and a happy player base both within the guild and the community at large.


Our recruitment process is the wall that keeps our guild with the best players in the game. We demand maturity and ethical behavior of our members. The ranks for membership progress as follows -

Recruit - A recruit stays a recruit for 2 weeks, this time can be extended as needed up to 1 month total time.

Private - A recruit becomes a private (Probationary Member) when the Recruiter moves him to the rank of private.

Corporal - A Corporal is a full member, and the pride of Novus Via.

Sergeant - Active members designated as member leaders in the absence of an officer. A Sergeant works under the authority of any officer online. AWOL Sergeants are demoted to Corporal.

Warrant Officer - Warrant Officers are tenured members, or members who participate in multiple games in the guild organization.


Officer decisions within their own area of responsibility are generally final. If one goes insane or has a complete judgment lapse, an officer of the rank of Colonel or higher is required to reverse it, or remove the officers commission. The officer Ranks are as follows -

Lieutenant - A Lieutenant is the first level of the officer corps, they are generally responsible for assisting other officers in guild tasks as assigned.

Captain - A Captain is the second level of the officer corps, they are generally responsible for assisting other officers in guild tasks as assigned, but also head up their own tasks.

Major - A Major is a highly experienced officer that has the authority to conduct all activities that an Lieutenant or Captain do. Major is a senior officer rank.

Colonel - A Colonel is the lowest rank allowed for Guild Leaders. They are responsible for the quality, performance, and health of their game. If a Colonel is a Guild Leader, he reports directly to the Field Marshal. If he is not a Guild Leader he reports to the Colonel or General who is the Guild Leader of his primary game.

General - A General is an officer who has shown long term and extraordinary dedication to the organization across multiple games. They are normally guild leaders, unless they choose to play in the same game as another General, or the Field Marshal.

Field Marshal - The Field Marshal is the head of the organization. In the event of Field Marshal gaming retirement, the most senior General will assume the office if a successor has not been appointed.

Novus Via operates DKP Based Loot Systems (Details available for applicants) It does vary per game.

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