Guild Information
Guild name Hand of Malice

Timezone Oceania (+8 to +12)
Language English

  • Guild name: Hand of Malice
  • Main Time Zone: Oceania (+8 to +12)
  • Guild Leader or Recruiter: Renuo
  • About Us:

A guild pulled together of a core of friends through both real life and from previous MMORPG experiences including UO, GW and DAoC. We consider PvP interraction the endgame goal, and will be looking to push ourselves for success, however we are not Diehard and will not sacrifice our personal live's for success in PvP or PvE.

Guild category: PvP, however a strict code of brotherhood is in place, and all members are required to assist players in any PvE aspects in order to ensure we are all as good as we can be together.

  • Roleplay: If you roleplay, expect to get laughed at.
  • Voice: Private ventrilo server, which will be told to you if you apply and are accepted into the guild.
  • Recruiting members status: Currently recruiting up to 20 additional members, however applications must be done only personally to me through email/msn. Send your applications to:
  • Server type: Undecided until rulesets are released to the public in concrete.
  • Platform (PC, Xbox360): PC

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