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Guild name Gundermen
Forums Gundermen Forums
Timezone Gmt+1
Language Dutch
Server Type N.A.

General Information Edit

  • Guild Name: Gundermen
  • Guild Name elaboration: The word "Gundermen" is derived from Gunderland, an excisting region in Hyboria which's geographical location is most similar to Netherlands' and Belgium's;the guild members' country's of origin.
  • Guild Website:
  • Guild Forums: Gundermen Forums
  • Main Time Zone: Gmt+1
  • Guild Counsil: Gargske, Belanna, Nuupster, Heafstaag, Sallanche and Feeyo
  • Roleplay: Not Enforced
  • Recruiting members status: Recruiting under the motto "the more the merrier"
  • Server type: PvE
  • Platform: PC
  • Guild Rules: Guild policy

Background storyEdit

In the north the mountains of Cimmeria were already visible. This was northern Aquilonia. The weather here was hardened and colder than the more southern and western regions of Aquilonia. This region was called Gunderland. Never say region to a Gunderman though, they will cut you in half for it. The proud Gundermen still considered themselves in there own country. Politics between lords decided that Gunderland would be a nice extra playground for the Aquilonians.

In the very north of Gunderland a large encampment was set up. It was the encampment of the Gunderland's finest. Large men were training their prowess in battle with each other. A fearsome sight it was. Muscular men around 6 feet tall, grey-eyed, wielding heavy weapons like hammers and axes and swirling them around like they weighed nothing. People of other backgrounds were also found in the encampment: Aquilonians, Cimmerians and even Stygians. Each with a religious shrine of their own. Shrines for Mitra, Set and even Bori, the old Gunderland god that was forbidden by the Aquilonian government.. Believers in Crom didn't need a shrine, they praised Crom whenever they slew an enemy on the battlefield.

Today was an off day for the elite guardsmen of the borders of Gunderland and Cimmeria. They trained because they liked to hone their skills. There was the possibility of a fight in the late afternoon, but that would mean that the Aquilonian scouts needed to find a band of thugs and thieves trying to sneak pass the border. The chieftain was walking the training-grounds and looked proudly at his men. "This is Gunderland!" he suddenly shouted. "When the scouts return we will show another band of thugs how we trample them below our feet!! Nothing hurts Gunderland while a Gunderman still stands tall!!" All the men cheered and made howling voices.

That afternoon the message came from one of the scouts that thieves and thugs were sighted near a passage to Gunderland. They were still in Cimmeria though. The chieftain roared with laughter. "Hah, we will set a trap near the passage, they will all perish!" And he cleansed his fists. His tawny hair, very common for true Gundermen, was hanging half before his eyes which together with his rough beard gave him a bewildered and savage look. "Prepare the forces!"

The Gunderland army stood tall, banners raised high and face and body painted with the colors of Gunderland and smeared out in strange textures. Though part of Aquilonia, on the battlefield they where still barbarians. Gundermen were feared through all of Hyboria. Kings and lords gladly recruited a band of Gundermen when they had the opportunity. Gundermen were one of the common sightings to see in distant armies fighting for a lot of gold. A Gundermen would not care for the gold though, as long as they got paid in blood on the battlefield they would be okay.

Today they fought close to home though, at the border of Cimmeria with a large group of thieves and thugs trying to sneak into Gunderland to plunder the smaller villages. They already knew they would win, these cowardly cheating and thieving thugs where no match for the aggressive and furious rage of the Gunderland army. The horn of war was blown by their chieftain ..., though in earlier days the army would run and rage upon their foes, they now stayed in line and marched upon their enemy. This technique was taught by the Aquilonian army. Still, many a warrior clashed shields with his weapon or shouted aloud to pump up their adrenaline. A strange but fearsome sight to see an army march in perfect line but still raging and preparing for battle with a chaotic fury. The band of thugs and thieves did apparently do nothing, they just strangely stood there waiting for the army to arrive. A creepy smile on their smudged faces.

An eerie sense slowly crept over the battlefield, but the army marched on. As the army closed in on the thugs the sun suddenly got bleak and soon vanished behind a thick high hanging fog. The army prepared to deliver the first stroke to the thugs but as soon as the first blade landed, the thugs suddenly vaporized in black smoke! At that point ... knew that foul magic worked it's way on the battlefield. It was yet already too late to sound the retreat. The hanging fog fell down from the sky, hammering down the Gunderland army like a massive blunt hammer striking down on it's foe. There were sounds of cracking skulls and gushing blood and that's where the survivors of the slaughtering lost memory...

As like waking up from a very bad dream ... came to his senses. He felt an excruciating pain around his wrists. With blurry vision he looked next to him and saw ... rowing like mad on a big handle. "By Crom" ... said, "you look like shit. Now start peddling or the burns on your and mine wrist get worse". ... Looked at his wrists, they were anchored down to a big peddle and the pain in his wrist kept getting worse. "What happened?" .. asked to his brother in arms. "Who knows! I just woke up five minutes before you did. I do know we're in some sort of slaveship and we'd better peddle hard. And I overheard the slave master: they are setting course to the Onyx Chambers in Stygia". ... knew this was a bad place. Rumors of torturing and testing strange droughts on humans inside these halls were a common rumor coming from Stygia. His vision started cp,omg back, and by the throbbing feeling in his nose he guessed the hammer blow must've broken his nose on one or two places. He started looking around, he saw one hundred men rowing like mad. He saw at least twenty men died inside the vessel, their bodies going up and down with the still rowing peddles. Suddenly he noticed a sight which he rather left unnoticed. Their captains were torn to pieces, limbs were shoved on poles and heads hanging on big rusty hooks. His eyes frowned in anger and despair and his thoughts of revenge overwhelmed him.

The journey took a couple of days. Many more died and some dead and yet alive body's were taken by the slave drivers to an upper deck. Only screams came from there, even crying sounds...crying...A Gundermen never cried, not when losing a limb on battlefield or losing a friend or loved one, what the hell happened up there ... thought. He was the smallest of the bunch, not a melee fighter but a unique person with restorative powers for his allies. Seeing his allies get hurt always hurt him more than anyone else. And this time there was nothing he could do to take away the pain. Through the peddle-outlet he could see the shimmering of the water, maybe he could distract his thoughts this way. Suddenly a hard bang shook everyone to attention, and another one and another one. It was the sound of a God thundering his might on the vessel. A heavy storm suddenly clouded up high above the boat in the sky. It rained his lightning bolts directly at the steep poles leaping out of the boat to connect the sails. It didn't take long before the vessel started sweeping from one side to the other... and snapped in two.

Cuffs and wood broke, freeing some men from their bounds to the ship, but for a lot it seemed they kept there bounds and sank to the bottom of the ocean with the cursed slave ship. Survivors took their share of driftwood, called for one another. Some followers of Mitra prayed for the lost ones, followers of Crom kept silent and followers of Set prayed for the power of revenge. That night they drifted along, the wooden planks bound to each other with gathered rope that probably came from the ship.

The next morning a small patch of beach was a becoming a strange sight. Around 20 men dressed in linen cloth crawled onto the beach or where already lying there exhausted from peddling all night. ... the chieftain took charge, he gathered all men and let some look for dry wood, berry's and nuts. Around a small fire the men gathered. They talked about the horrors they witnessed in the last two nights, what they were going to do about it and where they would go. They vowed revenge for their fallen brothers, so in time they would set goal to Stygia and defeat whatever lurks in the onyx chambers. But first, they would set up a camp and make a place for their own. Grow in strength and unite all Gunderlanders in there ranks. Then, evil would not stand a chance against the combined might of the Gundermen.

The Gundermen Legacy has begun!

Gombado 12:50, 23 April 2008 (UTC)

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