Guild Information
Guild name GoDz of Darkness
Timezone International
Language English
Server Type PvP

General Information Edit

About us Edit

Rather than wasting mindless babble on EVERY game dominated in the past since the beginning of MMO time, allow me to give you the fine points on how we roll.

   * "Guild of Guild Leaders" - As we progress and dominate our success has been so great that guild leaders throughout different games have joined us alongside with great respect and honor. This of course giving a great deal of quantity in our gameplay and progression.
   * Family-Based Guild - Your guildmates are your brothers and sisters. While on ventrilo we mess around and have good times, out on the battlefield we coordinate and work as one. Beating the odds and overcoming any obstacle.
   * Recognized Guild for many PvP and server dominated achievements such as Lineage 2, RF-Online, StarWarsGalaxies, World of Warcraft to name a few.
   * We understand that experience and quality are words which represent us and we all understand the efforts for which this guild takes, however we are not a Nazi run guild and understand that guildmates have families, work, school to attend and completly respect and admire their gaming contribution. Although we push strong and play hard we all in the end play the game to dominate and to have fun. Rather than expect pressure from you guild, guild leader, or guild mates, expect to find respect and loyalty.

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