Guild Information
Guild name Get Crunk
Timezone Not specific, we have people from around the globe
Language English
Server Type FFA PVP

General Information Edit

  • Guild Name:Get Crunk
  • Guild Website:
  • Guild Forums:
  • Main Time Zone:Not specific, we have people from around the globe
  • Guild Leader:Nosix
  • Guild Recruiter:Sacthel, Ecuni, Koste
  • Guild category (PvE, PvP, Raid, Other):PvP
  • Roleplay:NONE
  • Voice:Get Crunk - Ventrilo (
  • Recruiting members status:Check out openings on forums
  • Server type:FFA PVP
  • Platform:PC
  • Age:18+ (Some exceptions)

About us Edit

Who we are: We are mainly a PvP guild but will be participating in PvE as well, when necessary. Currently we are a small group of dedicated members and we hope to expand our guild to a larger siege like size. We wish to be large enough to siege yet small enough to know each others strengths and weaknesses.

Our Goals: We are a small group of people who will be doing PvP on a FFA PvP server. We will do endgame to get gear for PvP combat when necessary. We WILL be top notch and well geared. We will be rolling on a pvp server.

What we want in our members: We are looking for mature members, who still have a sense of humor, generally 18+ (if you are younger still apply, there are exceptions.) Dedication is key. We arnet strict we want everyone to have as much fun as possible. Swearing is okay. We dont have boundries when it comes to playing, do what you want have fun come to raids, be SERIOUS in pvp. We arnet gonna kick you or anything. If your a stiff, stay out.

If the above sounds good to you please read on. (This is where is gets a little more serious ;( )

-How the Guild will be run-

-Raids- We will have set dates for raiding usually posted on our website about a week in advance. We understand that people have lives and raid attendance is not mandatory. If we dont have enough interest in raids, they will simply just not happen.

With all that said, items and gear will distributed based on attendance, skill, and the need of the item (In that order.)

-Player Versus Player- PvP will be open for everyone.We WILL be doing PvP always with whomever is on. BUT we understand that you cant achieve everything with out some pve and that is why we will be grouping up for dungeons. PvP is our main focus and that is how we determine our members. We will keep close eyes on our members to see how well they are performing and if they can make cuts for competition.

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