Guild Name: Furious Angels

Guild Website:

Main Time Zone: GMT

Guild Leader: Avoch

Guild Recruiter: Apply on our website

Guild Category: PvP oriented - but will dabble in PvE

Roleplay: Nope

Voice: Teamspeak 2 server, limitless

Recruiting members status: Recruiting for all classes

Platform: PC

Age: 18+

About Us Edit

First of all I'd like to start with our goals in AoC, as that's probably the only part of this thread people are likely to read! As a gaming community built originally around games that heavily (or solely in most cases) revolved around PvP, we shall be playing on a PvP server in AoC, most likely the one with loot drop rules if there is one. We will be aspiring to get to a level that will allow us to support a player city, and later the potential to own and hold a Battle Keep and will be participating in any and all PvP that is available (we've not even thought about our approach to world PvP yet, which will most likely be shaped by our members)! We will also most likely dabble in the PvE aspects of the game if we have a core that is interested, however our priority will lie in the PvP end of the game. We aim for the top, and make sure we have fun on the way there!

We've been established as a gaming community since 1998 that recently celebrated it's 10th birthday, having been through a number of different games over the years including Quake, Quake 2, Counter-Strike, Planetarion, Neocron, Planetside and World of Warcraft.

As for what we are up to now, we have a WoW division that has a stable base of members that has been going since shortly after the release of WoW, as well as a Planetside division that remains one of the best. We are now looking to expand into Age of Conan, because we feel it is the next big thing to hit the MMO world and we want to be a part of it! We've got all the standard facilities a gaming community should have, including a forum, TeamSpeak server and free image hosting, as well as a few extra features in the pipeline to spruce up our community site including video hosting and a profiling system. We also have a TF2 server, which although is presently not used as often as it should be, has the potential to be the root of a lot of fun in FA!

As a gaming community, we have a policy regarding community membership whereby any community member can join any of our other divisions without going through the hassle of the application process, meaning you can instantly jump into a social atmosphere if you choose to start up in one of the games our other divisions play in (some requirements might be imposed should you wish to participate in end game). We also allow any member to start their own division in any game they choose, if they conform to a few simple rules we set, and they then have access to all our facilities for use in that division, without any cost.

All our applicants for all our divisions are required to follow a simple Code of Conduct, which are a simple set of requirements for community members to make everyone's stay a comfortable one.


At present, we are looking for members that are interested in playing Age of Conan under the FA name who share an interest in dedication to success, having fun and being a part of a community. We expect all of our members, and applicants, to want to improve on themselves and help the guild/community succeed in whatever it does and wherever it goes, be it PvE or PvP (although we don't expect everyone to want to do both if they don't want to). We always aim for the top, so if you do too, why not click the link below to apply?

Apply here!

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