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Guild Information
Guild name Frostreaver Clan
Timezone Pacific Time
Language English
Server Type PVP
Realm Name Deathwisper

General Information Edit

  • Main Time Zone: Pacific
  • Guild Leader: Stewker
  • Guild Recruiter: Dissonance
  • Voice:--> Ventrilo
  • Server type: PvP on Deathwisper
  • Platform: PC

Level +40 Players can apply

About us Edit

Our Mission:

--The Frostreaver Clan, so long as it has been, has existed to bring a new style of fun to gaming. It is our mission to give our members something new and fresh.

--To view and uphold the rules of honour in gaming, something few people do.

--To see our enemies fall before us in the face of tactics, pride, and honour.

--To respect our friends and clansmen, as well as our enemies, and those we would kill.

--To help our fellow clansmen whenever we can without doing harm to ourselves.

--To be a unit of one body and mind.

General Rules and Regulations:

--Nobody should show any other person disrespect, you are here to prove you are a step above every other loudmouth who gets mad at the slightest itch. If you show disrespect to anybody, you will likely be banned.

--You will be required to log on to the website at least once a week, failure to do so will result in removal from the guild. If you have a reasonable excuse, please tell us before hand.

--You should always be striving to advance yourself, via levels and gear. This enables the clan to progress without leaving stragglers. Any less will result in demotion, unless you have a reasonable excuse.

--Any age is welcome in the FRC as long as you are able to adhere to this charter. 18+ is recommended though.

  • Updated*--Ventrilo use is heavily encouraged at all times and is required during groups, raids, sieges or PvP.

--Stealing, and the taking and recieving of bribes will be severely punished.

  • Updated*-- All New Recruits go through a 2 week trial. No Exceptions.

--Lieing will not be tolerated.

--Cheating will not be tolerated.

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