Guild Information
Guild name Fallen Wild
Timezone GMT
Language English
Server Type UK PVP

General Information Edit

About us Edit

This is shaping up to be one hell of a mmo.

In anticipation we have started a Guild ready for launch.


Fallen Wild

Brief description Fallen Wild is a UK based guild looking for mature, out going, casual gamers, operating on PvP server as mercenaries, taking jobs from the highest bidder. Also including PvE content such as raids etc. (This is subject to change, depending on members input and the games release)

In the tradition of Howard's Conan tales, the guild will be a loose band of all races, ****s and levels bound together for profit, resources and survival. Each member will be able to take on jobs, or play through the game as they see fit although only members that participate in jobs will share in the spoils and honour of completing that task. We aim to achieve this through a 'Job Board' system through our forums, Team Speak and mIRC.

We believe that this 'Free Form' approach to the guild will allow players to explore the game, play it their own way and at their own pace, whilst providing a base of operations, resources and reinforcements, if required.

All information is subject to change.

What we look for in members We are are looking for players to join the guild and give positive feedback and ideas on how to improve the guild in the early stages of the games release. They should be socialable, mature and friendly.

What we are about We are a group of gamers that like to play games. We all have jobs and some of us have families aswell. So we dont expect members to be on 24/7, all we ask is that members are friendly. Beyond anything else we want to have fun!

Background The guild was formed by players from a wide range of MMO experience, from such games as Ultima Online, Star wars Galaxies, Wow and Guild Wars. The guild was formed recently in preparation of the release of Age of Conan. The core members of the guild have been playing together, in various games, for years.

Something to note Currently the guild has a comp going to win a prize. Please follow the link to the site for more information

Requirements Voice Comms:Teamspeak 2 Age: 18+ Sign up to the forums. Must be able to speak and read/write/type good english. A good attitude, out going and know how to have a laugh. Active on the forums.

How to join? Go [2] Read the short information post. Sign up to the Site and post [3]

Help Shape the future of Age of Conan

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