Guild Information
Guild name Eye of the Oracle
Timezone All
Language English
Server Type PvP
Realm Name Stormrage

General Information Edit

  • Guild Name:Eye of the Oracle
  • Guild Website:
  • Guild Forums:
  • IRC:
  • Main Time Zone: CST
  • Guild Leader: Julii
  • Guild Recruiter: Any member can get you an invite
  • Guild category (PvE, PvP, Raid, Other): PVP
  • Roleplay: No
  • Voice: Ventrilo
  • Recruiting members status: Currently Recruiting
  • Server type: PVP - Stormrage
  • Platform: Multi Console/System
  • Age: 18 or older

About us Edit

Our clan emerged in the game Tabula Rasa, which is a MMORPG for those of you who don't know. Moreover, in the game Tabula Rasa we are known as Guardians of New Earth, but in all other games we will be known as Eye of the Oracle or EOTO. The Clan hopes to join with like minded gamers to have a fun and enjoyable experience across multi games and multi platforms. Indeed, we want our guild/website to be a haven of information concerning gaming so feel free to register and post in our forums. For those of you who would like to join our clan please apply for a clan member position during your registration.

Finally, we have provided open forums for the games Tabula Rasa and Age of Conan. I know that there are some websites that limit what can be said and done on their forums, but the members of Eye of the Oracle feel that there needs to be a place where players can vent and voice there concerns without being banned from a website. So please feel free to post your opinions and hopefully the developers will hear your concerns.


The members of Eye of the Oracle


1. Video games are just that, a game and we ask all members not to take things to seriously. For we understand that you have a real life, that you may work or attend a school, have a family or a disability. Thus, we ask all members to take care of these issues or problems prior to logging on ventrilo and all games that we play together.

2. Harassment Harassment is not acceptable in Eye of the Oracle. If you find yourself in a situation where you feel harassed or abused, we ask you to contact the person responsible for the problem. If upon approaching these persons you still feel the problem has not been resolved then you may ask an officer for assistance and we will aid you in finding a solution to your problem and if necessary disciplinary action may be enforced.

HOWEVER, we as officers of the clan ask you to make all possible attempts to find a solution to the harassment without the involvement of clan management. Furthermore, please make all attempts to solve your problem private "i.e. through whispers or in vent" as we discourage public displays of aggression especially in clan and general chat and ventrilo.

3. Age

All members of Eye of the Oracle are required to be 18 years of age or older unless one of the guild/clan leaders approve the invite or is a friend/family member of someone in real life.

4. Registration. All members are expected to register at the website and keep active within the clan to some degree. If any member of the clan does not register and post his/her profile in the new member section of the forum after 2 weeks from invite. That person can and may be removed from the guild at the leaderships discressionn.

5. Ventrilo Use. While we will not frown on you for not having vent, we ask all members to download and use this program as much as possible. It is a free 3 MB download with no spyware, you can download it directly from the ventrilo website or from the file section in the forums.

Ventrilo creates a friendly and fun atmosphere within a clan that is unrivaled in my experience. Rarely does our vent server have less than 3 members logged on at any time and this program allows us to communicate with members in the clan while we are playing on alternates that are not listed on the in game clan list. This program allows for easy partying and makes finding a squad for that really hard mission a breeze. Also any clan member wishing to participate in events such as PvP, hide and seek or other such clan based activities will be expected to have this program installed in order to participate.

6. Asking for Help. We understand there are a lot of missions that require a squad or partner in game to complete and any officer or clan member will most likely to be glad to help you out. However, we ask you to be patient when requesting help from another player. Often players will be completing a mission themselves and so be understanding if they cannot come to your aid immediately. Further, please be ready when you request help, for example, nothing is more annoying when a helper arrives only to find you need to spend 20 minutes at the MS before you can leave to perform your mission.

7. Signing and abiding by the guild charter. All members are expected to sign this guild charter and follow the guidelines set forth by the guild/clan leadership. Moreover, this document can be added to, taken away, or amended as the guild/clan leadership sees fit.

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