Guild Information
Guild name Eternal Phoenix

Timezone Pacific ST
Language English


Eternal Phoenix is an elite special force intelligence organization of Hyboria, serving the divinity of Mitra. We are the unknown blade of Mitra, exterminating those who try to defile his teachings.Our mission is to enforce justice & order so that the public of Hyboria may venture with freedom endlessly.

  • Guild Name:Eternal Phoenix
  • Guild Website:
  • Time Zone:Worldwide
  • Guild Leader/Recruiter: Hawk
  • Recruiting members status:Everyone can apply
  • Platform:Both if possible


This group is established only for the mmo "Age of Conan" so members can have the full experience of this highly anticipated next generation online game. This group will not focus only on raiding & building our own establishments like most of the guilds, but we will also venture, explore, & fully interact with everything that Age of Conan has to offer, possibly resulting in the best experience you'll ever have playing this game. I guarantee you that we will push every boundary to its' limits.


The guild will be organized with a clean rank system & a simple set of rules, but everyone is not obligated to serve all their time to the group. We will have a very organized co op type of operation, but we'll also give you time to venture for your own personal entertainment. Afterall this is just a game, we'll have fun, compete, & understand that to build a powerful guild we have to put our time & effort on it, but I expect everyone to also understand we have our real lives. If you agree to these expectations then I encourage you to join & we'll see you there.

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