Guild Information
Guild name Eternal Conscript

Language English
Server Type Normal Ruleset (PvE)



General Information Edit

  • Main Time Zone: U.S. Non-Specific (we do have members abroad although few)
  • Guild Leader: Narcix
  • Guild Recruiter: Any Officer in our Contact List which can be located on our forum page
  • Guild category (PvE, PvP, Raid, Other): Equally divided time between both PvP/PvE with slightly more emphasis on PvP.
  • Roleplay: Non-RP
  • Voice: V3
  • Recruiting members status: Temporarily Recruiting
  • Server type: PvE/Normal Ruleset
  • Platform: PC
  • Age: Average Member's are in their 30's-40's. However we do have a few younger folks. No kiddies.

About us Edit

A small guild that consist of members from around the globe and from all walks of life. Our members are family, or close friends, which have developed over the years through a shared mutual interest (MMO's).

Many of us have grown with the genre, remember what "Atari 2600" & "Meridian 59" are, and in general while we are experienced gamers we now have families, careers, are working towards degrees, etc.

Amongst the ranks we have members who have played MMO's for years many of which just enjoy the games and the company. We have members who have experience raiding top tier content succesfully, we have members who have successfully lead others to the top's of thier server's in PvP status and recognition, attained individual notierity and success in server standings ranking top 5 or better server wide and have done so in multiple MMO titles.

That being said as we have grown with the genre our obligations and responsibilities have increased. We'll be taking a more casual approach with emphasis on community and fun (yet organized). Thank you for your interest and we'll see you in Hyboria!!!

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