Guild Name: Eternal Coil

Leadership: Chaos-Lord- Terathul, honored consort (senior officer)- Calily

Village: Not built yet, but will be located in Stygian area.

Alignment: Evil

Guild chat: IC

OOC Mission Statement: As a guild, an evil based guild at that, we wish to create inter-guild rp whether it be...allegiances with guilds, or conflict between more good aligned houses and guilds, or meeting up with others at a tavern.We wish to help create a heavier RP environment within the community of Age of Conan. We are heavy rp guild and will be in character 90% of the time, guild chat is IC as well, and is explained on the guild website.

We are an evil based guild, primarily focused around Stygia, we will take those of other races provided they aren't vehement supporters of Mitra or Crom, please see website for details.

Ic-Mission statement -linkie-


Active Members: 2, (with more on the way...just started up, so now is the time to join and impress us and become officers that will help this guild grow strong) Recruitment Status: Open

Qualities Sought In Recruits: Heavy rpers, mature 18+, expected to be evil characters/mercenaries/zealots,etc....

Time Zone(s: EST/PST, one leader is EST, the other is PST so we cover both coasts.

RP Status: +RP, mature heavy rpers, IC guild chat, those honestly wanting to learn and are new to RP are quite acceptable too.

Other Info: 18+, evil alignment

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