Guild name: Enforcers of Retribution (EoR)

No website at the moment, but we do have an xfire clan page.

Here is our new forums! Will be working on it for a bit so the more people who make accounts and post, the better!

We are in the eastern time zone.

We are an english speaking guild.

We play on the shadowblade server which is a PvP server. No fun if we can't kill a few noobs once in awhile.

General Information Edit

Enforcers of Retribution is an old guild that has been up to it's prime time, but sadly has died out and is trying to get back on it's feet.

We have a website but we would prefer not to give it out mainly because we don't really work on it so it's horrible, I'll put it on here once it's acceptable to see. No forums are up at the moment, but we will work on it in the near future. But we do use our xfire forums, so we highly recommend downloading it for communication purposes.

Our guild leader is Spanks but he's only level 20 at the moment so he's trying to level up as fast as possible so we can get the guild city and such. Obviously since we just started up this guild we do not have a recruiter so anyone who is up to the job is more than welcome to do it! Because Spanks will have a hard time both trying to recruit -and- Level up at the same time so we can get all the cool guild stuff. Once we're higher level'd and we get a decent amount of members, we will do a bit of everything. I would like to do the raiding but I'm sure a handful of people would love to seige other peoples battlekeeps.

We're currently using skype at the moment mainly because we are kinda stingy but if the guild does work out I more than likely will get a ventrilo or teamspeak server. This guild is always recruiting, I like the guild to be as big as possible! We play on a PvP server (Shadowblade) I think eventually we will get into the Xbox 360, but for now we're only on the PC.

About us Edit

EoR is a clan that has guilds on multiple games such as:

Guild Wars, World of Warcraft, ijji GunZ, and of course Age of Conan.

We're also as helpful as we can possibly be and we just like to kick it without taking the game too seriously while at the same time getting things done. We might get our goal done at a slower place or a later time, but we get it done none-the-less.

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