Guild Information
Guild name Egocentric
Timezone Eastern Standard
Language English
Server Type to be determined

General Information Edit

About us Edit

Egocentric Gaming was created on April 20th, 2005. We were a small group of dedicated gamers that had played World of Warcraft since Beta, and wanted to slowly become larger, and dominate in all aspects of WoW. Over the summer of 2005, we grew to roughly 60 members, and the content push began. We spent countless hours raiding the new content, sometime 12+ hour days pushing for server firsts, never wanting to settle for 2nd best. Once we determined we had everything cleared PvE wise, our only option was to push for Grand Marshal in the old days of honor grinding. We spent countless weeks getting member after member Grand Marshal, and then we had nothing left to do in the game.

We then took some of our main guys and went to explore other games in Winter 2006. We then determined that there simply weren’t any other challenging MMOs, so we set our sights on the FPS community, and played Battlefield 2142. We played a few weeks in numerous scrims and clan matches, but alas, the World of Warcraft addiction returned, and so we returned for the Burning Crusade in January 2007. We quickly rebuilt a guild, and pushed once again for server first on the new content. We then took a short break from World of Warcraft, to play Hellgate London, only to be awarded with banners throughout the city portraying us as a Veteran US Guild, for leveling and clearing content faster than anyone else on the server. Shortly after that, we determined Hellgate simply didn’t have enough content to keep us entertained, so we once again, returned to World of Warcraft.

We continued playing World of Warcraft until earlier this year, but it was time for EGO and WoW to part ways. The game was no longer challenging due to continuous content and PvP nerfs, and at that point we no longer wanted to participate in an "easy MMO". We left WoW and returned to the world of FPS, Call of Duty 4. We didn’t want to get “serious” into COD4 with the fast approaching Age of Conan only a few months away, so we decided for once it was time to play a game casually, relax, and have fun. As of late March, the leadership of Egocentric Gaming, has took a break from the gaming aspect, and are now planning for our debut into Age of Conan.

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