Guild Information
Guild name Drunken Warband
Timezone EST
Language English
Server Type Cimmeria (RP-PvP)
Realm Name Any

General Information Edit

About us Edit

We strive to be a guild that follows the open source model. The members will drive how the guild grows. We won't impose play times or require you to use vent, but you will have a voice in how we organize events and build our city. We want to have fun first, drink second, decimate third. No drama will be tolerated.

Excessive amounts of alcohol is used in order to give us the ability to destroy any competition. The Drunken Warband is a somewhat unorganized guild, we are not going to require you act decent in public, use vent, or attend scheduled events. However, we do not condone cheating or spawn camping (griefing). Let me explain why... as a member of the drunken warband, you are inherently lazy; You are too lazy to go find cheats or to grief; you'd rather have a drink after you've destroyed some poor sap on a mammoth who thinks he is the shit.

We like to have LAN parties in the Melbourne, FL area on a semi-frequent basis. So, feel free to join us for a night of destruction.

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