Guild Information

General Information Edit

  • Guild Name:Dragons of Pern
  • Guild
  • Guild
  • IRC:
  • Main Time Zone:Mountian
  • Guild Leader:Draconious
  • Guild Recruiter:Draconious
  • Guild category (PvE, PvP, Raid, Other):PvE
  • Roleplay:Some
  • Voice:Will be using team speak
  • Recruiting members status:Yes
  • Server type:Mannanan
  • Platform:PC
  • Age:36

About us Edit

We are a adult based and ran guild for players that like to adventure and explore, we will be planning alot of special events for the guild which will also add to the entire experience. We hold respect number one and will look for players with the same out look on life, this means that we look for good game ethics in all our members and will dismiss members if Their cunduct is unbecoming of our guild charter. Being said and out of the way, I'm sure any respectful person will find no problems with our simple rule of respect to all. We plan to run this game out so be asured our guild is here to last, it'll be a good land mark for us down the road to be able to say we were one of the first guilds on AoC and have lasted X number of years. We have a good history as well, the first Dragons of Pern Guild was created on Ultima Online in 2000 and continued to be the name of our UO Emulator which was started 2004 and is now on its third release which will hopfully open in a few months, which then guild members will have free admitance to as a alternate online game to play. All this and more to come from what already has been a gaming power house created by GoldDraco13!

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