Guild Information
Guild name Downfall
Timezone All tz's in U.S.; we're on at odd times as well.
Language English

General Information Edit

  • Guild Name:Downfall
  • Guild
  • Guild
  • IRC:
  • Main Time Zone:U.S.A. All
  • Guild Leader:Esellesar
  • Guild Recruiter:Revival, Warhammer, Crius, Temi, Zavious, Forodmegil, Sophi
  • Guild category : We do it all.
  • Roleplay: We're not abject to it, but we're not often inclied either.
  • Voice: We use ventrilo.
  • Recruiting members status: We accept anyone of a respectable demeanor and level.
  • Server type:PvP
  • Platform: For now, only PC. However, we'll likely have some people on the 360 as well.
  • Age: We don't care about age so much as the actual maturity that you show.

About us Edit

We're a very old guild, the product of a merger that has bound Men of the West with San Cosm; we're a force to be reckoned with on Bluesteel. We don't stand for foolishness or shoddy PvP work, but we welcome anyone willing to play with a good attitude and with a dedication to the guild.

We currently have our entire Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities built. We recently finished constructing our Tier 3 Keep, and are now working on many other T3 buildings. We are also looking to soon take a BattleKeep. Contact a leader or go to our website if you're interested in joining our brotherhood.

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