Comprised solely of Priests of Mitra on the Wiccana server, Dominati disciples roam the wilds in search of those in need of healing and resurrection. Our focus is not PvP, quests, raids or any other traditional aspect of the game. Our focus is YOU.

We're not a guild, per sè - we are a collective of kindness. We stand in stark contrast to the horrors of Hyboria and remain resolute in bringing the light of hope to the shadows.

Another important aspect of our calling is our courier service. Are you in the furthest reaches of the wild and out of potions? Do you have some cargo, money or even a discreet message that needs to get to a friend or an alter-ego? Call on us to help! From the foulest dungeon to the highest peak, you can count on us to humbly serve.

While our Order will remain compact, hopefully a Dominati commandery in the Border Kingdoms can be realized someday. Not as an impregnable bastion of might, mind you, but a beacon of charity. Thieves, murderers, harlots, kings - all are welcome, none will be turned away. It is to be a neutral respite to which all have claim; why break down the gates to take what will be given to you freely?

If you seek a higher calling, one which puts your faith into direct action (particularly by cleansing the misguided blasphemers of Set), contact Corvidius and devote yourself to the cause. Mitra wills it!

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