Guild Information
Guild name Disciples of Derketo
Timezone North America (PST to EST)
Language English
Server Type RPvP

Disciples of Derketo is a Heavy Roleplaying guild that has been in the works for the past few months, with plans to play on an upcoming RP-PvP server in Age of Conan. Since no servers have yet been announced and no decisions have been made, we currently exist entirely out of our website. We plan to work closely with the Age of Conan roleplayer community in deciding which server to begin on so that we might create the best environment for a truly immersive experience.

Our characters follow the goddess Derketo. Who is this goddess exactly? Well, not a lot is known, to be honest. What is known is that she is a lesser goddess of fertility and lust, worshipped primarily in Shem and Stygia. Little can be found of Derketo in the work of Robert E. Howard, but the following passage gives us some insight into what he intended:

"She was tall, lithe, shaped like a goddess; clad in a narrow girdle of crusted with jewels. A burnished mass of night-black hair set off the whiteness of her ivory body. Her dark eyes, shaded by long dusky lashes, were deep with sensuous mystery. Conan caught his breath at her beauty, and Natala stared with dilated eyes. The Cimmerian had never seen such a woman; her facial outline was Stygian, but she was not dusky-skinned like the Stygian women he had known before; her limbs were like alabaster."

"I came here when a young girl." she answered, leaning lithely back against the velvet divan, and intertwining her slender fingers behind her dusky head. "I am the daughter of a king, no common woman, as you can see by my skin, which is as white as that of your little blond there."

"I am a daughter of Luxur, and before I had known fifteen summers I had been led through the temples of Derketo, the dusky goddess, and had been initiated into the mysteries. Not that my first years in Xuthal were years of unmodified pleasure! The people of Xuthal have forgotten more than the priestesses of Derketo ever dreamed of."

"Stay here! I will make you king of Xuthal! I will show you all the ancient mysteries, and the exotic ways of pleasure! "

Using this lack of solid pre-written lore as a license, our leaders have taken it upon themselves to expand on the lore of Hyboria to bring this goddess into the spotlight and spread her influence into the northern kingdoms. Driven by our leader, the High-Priestess Keisya's unique tale leading her from the apprehensive daughter of a nobleman, to an unbroken slave, and ultimately into the temples of Derketo then back to her homeland of Aquilonia, where she will raise the Temple of Derketo, will shed new light on the goddess and reveal her true intent for the people of Hyboria as a goddess of life in its purest forms, and not simply fertility and lust.

Our player age restriction is 18+, and this will not change under any circumstances. Violence, slavery, and sexual themes will show themselves often, due to the nature of this world and to the nature of the guild itself.

We have no true race or class restrictions, though Demonologists, Necromancers, and other generally evil or anti-life classes will be under more heavy scrutiny than the other classes.

As stated before, we consider ourselves Heavy Roleplay. To us, this simply means that our biggest focus will be roleplaying, and that we will engage in it frequently. And to us, this does not mean that our guildchat will be IC. Our guildchat will be OOC because we feel that no matter the format (pretending it's the guildhall, telepathy, walkie-talkies, or simply suspension of disbelief), the guildchat roleplay will become stale after awhile. We also prefer to use this space to get to know the people behind the characters, because after all, it wasn't just the character that decided to join the Disciples of Derketo! We are a guild of players as well as a guild of characters. Long story short, our roleplay will take place largely in a face to face setting, on our forums, or right here in the roleplaying forums.

All of that being said, we hope that you find us to your liking, and that you might even seek to join the Disciples of Derketo!

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