Guild Information
Guild name Deviants of Loki

Timezone Central

We are normally a core guild. We like enjoying the game and helping each other out. Making it fun for every member. We also, however, like to be able to experience the high end content. With this in mind we have decided to try and meld PVP and core players together. We are accepting PVPers and those who are willing to check out that aspect of the game. There will be PVP in this game no matter what! But we understand that sometimes you just want to sit back and have a pint. Or craft the night away. So we are also accepting those who prefer to lead a quieter gaming life. Obviously it will not always be quiet. There will be times when our city will get attacked and we would like all to help defend. We perceive that the way this game is set up, and with proper leadership it will allow core and pvpers to work together in a guild and benefit one another, building strong friendships and a kinship between us.

We also would like to keep raiding on the horizon if members are willing. Given we have the necessities run raiding and the right people for a proper raid side of our guild.

  • Guild category (PvE,PvP,Raid,Other): PVE/PVP
  • Voice: Teamspeak
  • Recruiting members status: Currently open recruiting
  • Server type: probably mid PVP
  • Platform (PC, Xbox360): PC only
  • Age:

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