General Information Edit

  • Guild Name: Death and Debauchery24.89.16.69 14:35, June 25, 2010 (UTC)
  • Guild Website: (NSFW)
  • Guild Leader: Crafter
  • Guild Recruiters: NA
  • Guild category (PvE, PvP, Raid, Other): RP
  • Roleplay: Hardcore
  • Voice: Ventrilo
  • Recruiting members status: Accepting applications
  • Server type: RP-PvP
  • Server: Cimmeria
  • Platform: Both
  • Age: Any age

The woman's sultry and lithe body swayed and rocked as if made from a sensual mixture of flowing honey laced with venom. Her hips danced from side to side, locking and swaying with her movements to captivate and entrap the greedy eyes that raked lustfully over her every curve. The air held a thick cloud of pipe smoke, but the haze and accompanied stench went unnoticed by her. Bells graced her ankles and tiny golden coins shimmered with each alluring shake of her body.

The hue of bronze perfection sparkled and glinted in the dim light, her figure noticeably glazed with scented oils. Her seductive and magical dance sent tendrils of fog flying in every direction with each wave of her delicate hands. The very essence of Stygian beauty, her agile body moved in ways that made the men's thighs shudder with lust. She is what women strive for, yet could never hope to be. The embodiment of what men found desirable in a woman. Work had given her the body of a dancer, muscular, firm, curvy with gracefully long legs meant to wrap around a man. Lips, stained pomegranate red, pursed seductively and occasionally parted, would release the softest moan as her excitement grew with the tempo of the music. Her gaze focused, penetrating the desires of all who dared venture a look in to her eyes. Her body continued tirelessly, swaying and gyrating with an unceasing commitment to her task.

All eyes were on the dancer, but none more so then than rotund merchant. Flesh seeped from all angles of the large male, an over sized statement of his wealth and love of food. The platter next to him lay filled with half-eaten bones covered in rich sauce-laden meats. The dancers gaze raked over him as if she hungered for him. She took in the thick rich robes that swath his torso, disgustingly covered in bits of food and crumbs. Gold and silver rings adorned his hands. Chains clung from his neck much like the burden of his weight, for all to see and marvel.

The merchants’ sausage like fingers rolled into the nearby goblet filled with rich coins. The sound that followed was the ringing of coins as they scattered onto the ground. Some of the money landed near her feet and created a pathway from her to the lust-ridden merchant. She smiled the false smile that was the norm for all dancers. Her bare feet tiptoed toward him. She paused once her destination then slowly leaned over his form. The soft and full mounds of her breasts heaved as she pressed her cleavage to his lips. The Merchants excitement tripled, she felt it, smelled it, and counted on it. His breathing increased to a hellish pace as she began to straddle then undulate in a rolling wave as if she rode an over sized horse. Fingers slowly reached back with one hand, the other wagged her finger with that devilish smile as he attempted to touch her.

The sound of her chain mail top dropping to the ground was akin to the sounds of a thousand men falling in battle. She waited for that rush she always felt when so many eyes hungered for her but none would ever have the pleasure. Silence filled the room for a brief moment before cries of pleasure and joy erupted from both drunk and sober alike. Laughter and coins flew forth in the grand masquerade. The Tavern was in an uproar. The greedy merchant looked ready to ravish her long before he got her to his bed. Her hands rose in to the air and her body swayed back and forth. Slowly but surely she lowered her arms around his neck. A loud groan rose from the merchant as her lips danced against his own, then silence…

His eyes rolled back then closed, the crowd thinking he had fainted began to laugh in an uproar. She dismounted, a single lick given to her bloodstained fingers before the evidence was suckled away like a morsel from its tip. She walked carefully from the main area toward the side exit. A robe donned from the side as she left the tavern with a thousand eyes behind her.

How untimely, the patrons had noticed the thin dagger that lay deposited in the males neck. She chuckled, as her servants waited in ready with her horse. She leaped onto the beasts back with the same grace she had displayed on the dance floor. The cries soon erupted and she knew what she had done had been discovered. The obese male had stood in the way of Cabal business and he had dared to think himself worthy enough to touch her.

Now, he was one less obstacle in the path of the Cabal…

== Death and Debauchery's RP Synopsis and FAQ ==

Death and Debauchery, or as it will be known IC “The Cabal” is a guild that prides itself on breaking the mold of your stereotypical role-play guild. We are not niche based, catering to only one race. Nor do we emphasize the three races working in a peaceful harmony. The Cabal is not a mercenary band, a dark army or a paladin order. The Cabal is not a crafting venue or a brothel. The Cabal prides itself on bringing not only a unique storyline to the guild, but also new ways of developing immersion and storyline among the guild. The Cabal, while recognizing the importance of tavern-based role-play will continue to branch out in new and unique ways. We hope to bring player driven storyline and leadership driven plots to the guild in force. Those role-players who are looking for an immersing experience in R.E.H’s world need look no further.

So what exactly is the Cabal, what is so different about the storyline?

Our lore provides the most in-depth details about the guild and its storyline, but until all parts are released to the public I will attempt to describe the guild for those curious. The Cabal is a self-serving entity attempting to gain as much power and influence through backhanded means. They believe in taking control of governments, people, economies and anything else that might be of benefit to them without risking their own persons. The guild seeks power through many avenues, political intrigue, force, seduction, manipulation, economic shifts, religious zealotry and many other facets. What the world sees of the Cabal and what it does will be vastly different. The Cabal believes in using any and all means necessary to accomplish its goals. One moment they may support, or even act like fanatical worshipers of Set. The next moment they may act as a guerrilla force to remove a wayward noble and seize control of his land. Different groups of members will have different goals, but all will work toward the success of the Cabal as a whole.

I hope that many of the Role-Play guilds on our respective server will be welcoming of this role-play without using the OOC information prevalent in many of our posts. We understand that “evil” or “opportunistic” guilds are not always welcome in the story lines of others, but we will make every effort to make it a fun and enjoyable experience for all involved.

What is the Death and Debauchery Mission Statement?

Death and Debauchery seeks to combine lore appropriate role-play with questing and other in-game content. We hope to provide a mature, fun, and lasting experience to all of our members. We hope to be at the forefront of Age of Conan RP. Death and Debauchery will be providing both epic quest driven and player vs. player events as well as drinking sessions, storytelling and other entertainment venues. We hope and intend to make our guild city one of the largest hubs of activity for the role-play community on our given server.

Below is a list of the In Character Tenets of the Cabal, which should give a unique understanding as to the inner workings of our guild:

1) Nothing is sacred.

2) Our laws are supreme.

3) Strength in brotherhood

4) Loyalty through sacrifice

5) Respect is earned

6) Wisdom begets power

7) Cunning brings success

8) Domination through vigilance

9) Fear breeds weakness

10)Justice is the blade

What makes Death & Debauchery different from other RP Guilds?

We believe that our guild offers a unique opportunity to be apart of a guild that does not censor its role-play for the sake of child audiences. In Death and Debauchery many things that are not allowed in your typical role-play guilds are allowed and in fact encouraged due to the nature of our guild storyline. Things such as graphic sexual role-play and violence will be acceptable. We are staying true to Robert E. Howards sensual and graphic view of Hyboria. This however does not mean that sexual and violent role-play will be the focus of our guild.

Our intents are to master the antagonist or “evil” guild mind set. In many games this is extremely difficult to master and even more difficult for some players to immerse with. We feel Age of Conan provides a ample way to explore the ideal sets of this guild and maximize it to the point that other guilds will enjoy having us as a role-play “enemy” or “ally.” Unlike many evil guilds we will *not* be taking the route of wanton murderers, thugs, or brigands. While many of these sorts of people may fall under the wings of the guild itself, our focus is more solidly put on political based role-play, the power of information, intrigue and chaos. We hope to transcend the typical stereotypes of a hulking brutish antagonist and the super villain who reveals his plot to the hero before his own untimely demise.

All facets of characters will be welcome within the guild, not all members have to be politically motivated or even evil. From prostitutes to tyrants, from soldiers to barkeeps there is a place for characters of all types within the guild.

But I thought you said that the guild was evil by nature?

That is correct, the leadership of the guild will be role-playing “evil” characters, but they will not perceive themselves as evil. Also, the details your characters know about the guild are up to you (the player) when you join or as you progress through the guild. Some members will start at a higher level of knowledge about the guild then others. You can be a plain citizen of Sinreth with no idea what lurks in the secret meetings of The Cabal or you can be the right hand assassin of the council, taking out targets of importance to the Cabal’s success.

Potentially, a radically good character could be a member of the guild and be unaware (on an In Character level) of what truly lurks beneath the surface of the leadership. We hope that this will encourage inner struggles within the guild and lots of dramatic role-play as members who are not supposed to have certain knowledge go about acquiring it. As such we are hoping that role-players from all sides of the spectrum of “Good and Evil” or even a “Grey” come to join in the fun that is our guild.

How do you intend to succeed with your goal?

We believe the key to success with our guild will be taking in skilled role-players from a wide variety of play styles. This however does not mean that newbie role-players will not be allowed; in fact they are encouraged to join. From good to evil and from newbie to skilled veteran we believe that the guild will provide a home for role-players of all types. We intend to use forum role-play and a highly interactive and comfortable website to maintain communication and develop storylines. While forum RP will be optional it is of course encouraged.

How does one go about joining?

There will be two primary ways to join the guild.

One) Through an application on the website, this application will likely take several minutes to complete, as attempting to know a person through a form is quite difficult, so the questions will be as specific as possible. You can also request an in game or text based interview if you feel that the form is not suitable.

Two) Officers will have the power to recruit members in game based on their views of the players from their experience role-playing with them. This will usually involve an IC portion (explaining how you become part of the fold) and an OOC Portion (Asking questions regarding age, experience and other such important questions. Essentially making sure the guild is the right fit for you.) You can approach any officer, or at times an officer may approach those they believe are a good fit for the guild.

Are there any requirements to join?

As of right now the requirements are limited to age and maturity. We expect all members to be 18+ and acceptable of graphically sexual and violent role-play. This does not mean you have to participate in that role-play, simply acknowledge its existence and respect its role in the guilds scheme.

Maturity plays a large role in the above and furthermore in our most important policy being the “No-Drama” policy. Guild members who seek to start OOC drama of any kind, be it involving IC events or OOC will be dealt with swiftly and will likely result in guild removal pending investigation of the issues. We believe in having fun and working together in all things, and those considered to be pissing in the sandbox will not be tolerated.

I want to join, but I’m concerned about the graphic nature of some of your role-play. What should I do?

We understand that some members will not be interested in acting out some specific situations such as graphic sex or violence. For this reason we have policy regarding this situation. It should be made abundantly clear that there will be no way to 100% censor yourself from these actions, you will need to be willing to give some leeway. However, the following should make you feel more at ease.

1) There will be no overly graphic play allowed in guild chat for any reason at anytime. Granted, much falls under the novel of “PG-13” but anything over the top is unacceptable. This will be discussed in further detail on our forums.

2) Events that are held for the guild will be flagged beforehand if they will involve adult situations. There will be events that cater specifically to this sort of role-play on the opposite side of the spectrum. All guild storyline progression events will be limited in their use of this style of role-play to encourage the most participation as possible.

3) It is your responsibility as a player to let others know what you are comfortable with in a polite manner. We understand that many people will like to “fade to black” certain scenes or not participate in them at all. Communication is essential and only you have the ability to direct your own role-play in a manner that does not put you in these situations. If you don’t wish to be propositioned, stay out of the red light district of the city. If you don’t wish to get in a fight, don’t pick one. So on and so forth. We pride ourselves on our mature players, a quick message OOC can fix almost any situation.

I want to join, but I’m afraid you are going to censor too much of the role-play. What should I do?

Finding a happy medium between what players want and will co-exist with is always key to having a successful guild. One of the guilds primary attributes is its open and friendliness toward adult role-players. Here are some things that will make you feel more at ease.

1) We will have plot (and non-plot) driven events specifically for this style of role-play. From Drunken Brawls and Arena Events to Brothel Auctions all areas will be covered, provided interest exists.

2) Slave and Master Role-play will be acceptable within the guild city and guild role-play. To what extent and how graphic this role-play is, is for the slave and master to discuss among themselves. More on this will be discussed in the forums. Slaves will have the option of going on the auction block and forced slavery will be allowed (providing there is OOC Consent between the two parties)

3) Just as it is your responsibility as a player to let others know what you are comfortable with it is also your responsibility to respect the wishes of the other guild members. Some members will not be interested in this style of play, or at the very least seeing you do it in certain areas. Always adhere to respecting your fellow guild mates above all.

Guild Information
Guild name Death and Debauchery
Website (NSFW)

Timezone Any
Language English
Server Type RP-PvP

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