Guild Information
Guild name Dawn Razors
Website Dawn Razors Website

Timezone EST Primetime [GMT -5]
Language English
Server Type PvP

General Information Edit

  • Guild Name: Dawn Razors
  • Guild Website:
  • Guild Forums: Dawn Razors Forums
  • Guild Video: Guild Promo Video
  • IRC: N/A
  • Main Time Zone: EST
  • Guild Leader: Uthril
  • Guild Recruiter: Cait
  • Guild category (PvE, PvP, Raid, Other): PvP
  • Roleplay: N/A
  • Voice: Ventrilo
  • Recruiting members status: By Invitation Only.
  • Server type: PvP
  • Platform: PC
  • Age: 18+

About us Edit


We aim to be a very tight knit family of friends in AoC. We express our unity through our synchronicity and excellence in PvP. We favor small numbers, fast reaction, adaptability, tenacity, knowledge of the game and group cohesion to overcome odds as opposed to the Zerg style philosophy of quantity over quality.

In Dawn Razors, you will be valued as a person, not a class and what gear you have.

For things that require massive numbers, we choose to work with large ally guilds to fill out the necessary ranks. This lets us enjoy the aspects of a smaller guild without the negative effects of being bogged down in a huge guild.

If you loved the movie "300", you will love our style.

Who Are We Looking For

First and foremost we want cool, mature-minded people that like to have fun and kick ass. Even if you have never PvP'ed before, as long as you have a desire to learn and work with the team you will do fine. We have many very good, insightful PvP'ers to learn from.

We want active people that love PvP and fighting like clockwork in a group.

Third we need our players to be knowledgeable of game mechanics pertaining to PvP or the desire to learn them. We also need our members to be adaptive. We encourage our players to be able to play any combat role and to work towards having a spread of PvP worthy characters. This gives us a better idea of the "big picture" or the synergy between classes and roles. It also gives us the adaptive advantage of mixing and matching as online availability shifts. It's an MMO, what works today may not work tomorrow.

Zero Drama Policy

We encourage everyone to become good friends and brothers and sisters in arms. Our unity is the very most important aspect and we pride ourselves on that. We expect members to conduct themselves in a mature manner and never create inner guild drama; as it's the #1 killer of guilds.

It's a given that some members won't like other members or may have past history of bad blood in other MMO's. This is fine. Keep it to yourself or let it go. You may not like a particular member, that's ok, no one is asking you to marry them. However In group PvP situations you need to give them the respect they deserve for flying our banner. Anyone that's obnoxious, disruptive to the guild or instigates drama within the guild or is abusive to a fellow guild member will be warned _once_ then promptly kicked if they don't stop.

Note: There is no Complaint Dept. in Dawn Razor (I'm sure as hell not it =)

Conduct Policy

To Other Guildmates: Always cordial and respectful

To Allies: Treat them like guildmates. Sometimes a member of an allied guild may piss you off. Take the high road and let it slide. Please remember your actions represent us as a whole and not just yourself in these matters.

To Everyone else: I'd like everyone to be mature and even tempered as your actions represent the guild. Diplomacy and joint guild assaults require us to have a good rep.

If someone pisses you off: Kill them all you want, just don't resort to tash talk.

If someone trash talks you: Kill them. If it's not an option, then kill them later. If that's not an option then be happy knowing they looked the fool by acting like a idiot.

No trash talk in the field of combat or on the forums. Forum wars are a losing battle and the best response to someone or a guild that has a bone to pick with us is silence. From experience, people that like us will draw their forum sword and go to town, so we don't have to.

If we feel we have been wronged enough as a guild to warrant a reply, we will form up, kill the hell out of them in pvp, fraps it, then post the link with no other words as our response.


Aside from kicking ass and having a blast while doing so...

We aim to form a lasting community of friends. Most of the initial members I have known for years and have played across many mmo's with. A few I have even known and gamed with for over a decade. There are few things better than a dependable band of friends that kick ass!

We also enjoy all aspects of MMO's in our PvP downtime, especially if it lends to being more prepared and self sufficient in PvP.

Here is a list of things we wish to do in PvP:

-Open PvP in the Border Kingdoms: This will be our default mode of PvP due to the unpredictability and dynamic of "anything can happen". We will form up, roam and kill everyone that's not an ally we come across.

-Battle Keep sieges: We will likely be a popular option for allies to use as a spearheading force for sieges. We won't likely have the inclination to babysit one. If it does turn out the perks are good enough, and the membership wants to own one, we can adapt to do so.

-Battle Keep Defense: Same as the above. We will help allies defend their territory if we see fit. In such roles, we will typically counter-assault the attacking force from an advantageous direction from outside the walls, or counter-attack by assaulting something they need to defend to draw numbers away. We operate more like a Spec Ops unit as opposed to a standing army.

-Other Border Kingdom Capture Points: It's said there will be smaller scale capturable points with benefits, such as forts, mines etc. We will attack and capture and hold such points if it benefits us.

-Merc Work: If we find it palatable, we may merc our killing aficionado skills to harass an enemy territory or aid in assault. Gold/Goods is not by any means our primary M.O. however it is an option.

-Team Arena Mini-Games (Such as even team battles like CTF): We encourage members to work out tactics and teams in even-odds situations as it gives a better understanding of class roles and teamwork. Historically, we are pretty frightening in even odds fights.

-Spawn/Zone Transition Camping: Aside from being quite boring, it's a pretty lame form of gameplay, so I'd like to stay away from this as much as possible. There may be situations such as during sieges that it may be tactically sound to send a group to stem the flow of reinforcement from a spawn point.

-Wholesale Slaughter Nights: There will be times we feel a certain area, region, or city needs a heavy dose of unbridled death and terror ^_- If we wish, we can even warn the said area we are coming that night on the forums for added doom factor.

-Vendetta Nights: Inevitably, there will be certain guilds that piss us off, or we deem in need of a good beating. Occasionally, we may make a night of specifically targeting the guild of choice in their most concentrated area.

-Themed Amusement PvP Raids: These will be purely for fun and to blow of steam. In the past we have had a blast doing purple afro raids, where everyone wore giant ridiculous purple afros and purple hot pants and ran amok killing everyone. Also the infamous "Girl Scout" raid where we designed girlscout outfits and strong armed people into buying cookies or we kill them.

-PUI Nights: Yep! That's right, PvP'ing Under the Influence. Highly NOT recommended! But alas highly fun every once in a while! You know, for when the enemy needs a handicap :P Keep a bottle of Grey Goose close by, just in case this special tactic is employed and let the good times roll!

-Dueling or 1v1 Arenas: We encourage members to excel at dueling as long as they don't loose sight of teamwork. Rambo's looking for his grave marker and not part of Dawn Razors. Dueling gives intimate insight into the nuances of a class. Historically, our core membership have been top duelists in all respective classes. Dueling is also a handy way to resolve disputes when people call you out. Being a top duelist also gains you and the guild a lot of respect, especially from your class.

-PvP Mechanics Testing: Often times abilities don't work as intended, most times forum posters are wrong about "what's best" or "this is how it works". That being said we do our own testing "in house" so we always have dependable results.

-PvP Strategy Development: We will put a lot of effort into developing group loadouts based on interplay between classes and tactics to use it to full potential. AoC has many forms of PvP, different loadouts will perform differently for each situation. For defense, we may opt to go with a heavy ranged AOE spike dps group. For Border Kingdom roaming we may opt to go with a solid healing core, focused ranged dps and mobility on the fastest mounts. For sieges we may opt to go for slow mammoths, heavy melee and massive healing core. This is one of the reasons why we want players to be able to field multiple roles. Historically, we are known for being exceedingly difficult to kill and highly adept at cross support and teamwork.

Here is a list of things we wish to do in AoC to the highest level possible during PvP downtime:

-All forms of crafting. With emphasis on items/potions that have use in PvP.

-PvE City. As this is a pre-req for holding a Battle Keep we will be building one.

-Economy generation. I like to see every member in the rich category, and our core is very liberal spreading wealth and desired items.

-Raids. At enjoyable pace. There won't be any nazi-esque regiment or distribution like another mmo that won't be mentioned. Typically, who ever needs what most gets it.

-Whatever else grabs our interest as a guild. Who Are Our Core?

Our core is primarily made of from former members of Cats(Counter Armor Tactical Squad) from SWG on the Starsider server.

Cats in a nutshell:

-Top Rebel PvP Guild for the years we were active.

-Smallest PvP Guild on the Server.

-Best Pound for Pound PvP guild on the server. (Proven through countless even odds matches vs the best of the Imperials and other team/duo/solo PvP contests)

-Known for being able to take out groups much larger than ours.

-Known for extreme group coordination.

-Known for organizing the collective Rebel Guilds into a formidable joint strike force to stand against the superior Imperial numbers.

-Known for having a "star player" membership.

-Known for fielding "The Jedi Death Squad", a title given to us by our enemies. When Jedi were rare and first introduced into PvP there were a total of 16 first generation jedi on the server. 8 Light, 8 Dark. Cats housed 1/2 of the light side jedi pre-pub 9, the other 1/2 joined us because of our PvP reputation. This meant Cats had every single of the coveted light side jedi on the server, which was unprecedented.

-Cats departed from SWG upon the NGE (as did most people). From there we dabbled in many other mmo's but never found one that really fit us as a whole.

That being said, a new MMO, a new name, and a new legacy to create.

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