Guild Information
Guild name Dark Desires

Language English
Server Type RP-PvP

General Information Edit

  • Guild Name: Dark Desires - The Harlots and Wenches of Age of Conan
  • Guild Website:
  • Guild Forums:
  • Guild Leader: Madame Yaminah
  • Guild Recruiters: Thoria
  • Guild Category: RP-PvP
  • Roleplay: Obligatory, not optional
  • Recruiting members status: Actively recruiting new members
  • Server type: European R-PvP
  • Choosen server: Aquilonia RP-PvP
  • Platform: Preferably PC
  • Age: Adults Only. Members who are found to be younger then 18 will be kicked from the guild. Characters that guild-members create are also expected to be 18 years or older.

About us Edit

Whores, tavern wenches, dancers, strippers, Mistresses, lust slaves, prostitutes and courtesans of Hyboria unite! With Age of Conan launched in Europe there is a home for you.


The background of the guild is currently being fleshed out by the guild. But the basis of it is that numerous women in adult professions band together for mutual safety, support and strength, using their unique skills to gain power and influence.

The guild revolves around three aspects that complement each other, though no character is forced to prescribe to all (or possibly even any) of them. There is the brothel aspect, the public face of Dark Desires where women provide a variety of adult services (both intimate and not). There is the religious aspect involving the Stygian goddess Derketo offering protection against prosecution (though note that characters are not required to worship Derketo or even be involved in this). And there’s the hidden face of Dark Desires, acting as information gatherers and information brokers to enhance their position.

But above all Dark Desires is a business. And one of our first (longer-term) aims is starting an inn (hopefully in the form of a player city, but until then in the Serpent's Head inn in Khemi, Stygia) where we can conduct this business. There we hope to meet you as a customer or, if you’re interested and qualified, perhaps as a fellow Sister.


The guild consists of pleasure workers of all kinds. How far the individual member goes in their job is completely up to the individual member. Nothing will be forced, so a member can choose to do only dancing for or regular conversations with customers or serving drinks, or they may decide to take it further. It’s completely up to the members themselves.

There is also room for information gatherers, for religious figures and for crafters as well, though everything will have an adult flair to it (sacred prostitute-type religion, etc). So while members might not directly participate, they have to be at least accepting of this. We are a guild including erotic roleplaying, so members are expected to be fine with erotic roleplaying even if they choose not to participate themselves.

The Basic Idea

Hardcore Roleplaying inside crowded areas and cities will be what we spend a lot of time on. Furthermore we intend on gaining influence with other guilds by influencing contact persons whom are among our clientele. Our playing style will be casual when it comes to PvE/PvP, but we will try to build a city and participate in Border Kingdoms PvP, if necessary we will try to work together with other RP guilds.

We make a distinction between “Cybersex” and “Erotic Roleplaying”. Cybersex is the text-equivalent of phone sex. Erotic Roleplaying on the other hand can get completely intimate (and very explicit) as well, but also includes ‘light’ sexiness such as flirting and teasing and dancing. From there it takes the range past erotic dancing and lap dances to touching and cuddling to more intimate practices. The main difference between them is that Erotic Roleplaying is always in-character (where Cybersex tends to become out-of-character quite easily).
This guild will be a roleplaying guild.
The guild is on the European RP-PvP server Aquilonia.
Members are expected to be roleplayers and take roleplaying seriously. All members are expected to be/stay in-character in the regular channels.
Guildchat is in-character (as far as feasible; we do need an out-of-character channel too).
This guild is for female characters only (real-life sex is not important and you will not be asked to disclose it).
This guild is Adults Only. Members who are found to be younger then 18 will be kicked from the guild. Characters that guild-members create are also expected to be 18 years or older (in every sense).
There are strict rules regarding mature content. We don’t endorse Cybersex (as described above) at all. Erotic Roleplaying of all kinds is fine, but no graphic sex in public channels (keep that in private). Suggestive themes needed to recruit/holla customers, romancing, kissing etc, are allowed within reason.
While nobody is required to engage in erotic roleplaying, all members are expected to respect that the guild includes it and that they will be confronted by it (such as some of the other girls dancing erotically and such).
In essence, we roleplay with a bit of spice.


First the guild has a number of officers who take care of daily management:

Madame (leader of the Guild): Amrita
Grand Mistress (second in command): Makayla
Mistresses of Novices (recruitment and members management): Makayla and Thoria

Note that these are just titles and leadership positions can be taken by submissive characters just as easily.

We might at some point add an officer for PvP, depending on how much we get into this. Also we’re considering (possibly overlapping) in-character positions for leading the three aspects of the guild (a Brothel Mistress, a Head Priestess, and someone for information gathering), purely for roleplaying purposes.

As for members, members are designated into various (in-character) ranks according to their own preferences:

Mistresses: Dominants who take charge of and/or own slaves. Fee persons: Those who are largely outside the Dom/sub structure. Switches: Those who move between the Dom/sub structure. Slaves: submissives who serve/are owned by Mistresses.

Of course, all members are expected to respect all other members (certainly OOC, but for the most part IC as well).

Signup Details

We’re currently accepting new members.

Those who are interested in joining us should go to our forums and follow the three-step application process.

For more details contact Amrita, one of the other officers, ask a question in the public part of our forums and we’ll be happy to help you.

Let’s make Age of Conan the best roleplaying game that it can be.

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