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Guild Information
Guild name DaNisH VikingS
Website coming soon..

Timezone GMT +1
Language Danish

General Information Edit

  • Guild Name: DaNisH VikingS
  • Guild Website: coming soon..
  • Guild Forums: There'll be a small forum once the website is up.
  • Main Time Zone: GMT + 1:00
  • Guild Leader: Constantine
  • Guild Recruiter: Constantine, Nathalia, Bean, Txeon
  • Guild category (PvE, PvP): We will be doing a little bit of both, whatever suits us the most. We're planning on getting a guild-city up as soon as possible once we have all the members we need. But of course we will be doing some end-game raiding and such. So there'll be plenty to do for both pvp and pve players.
  • Roleplay: DV is a non-roleplaying guild.
  • Voice: We're using VT for verbal communication.
  • Recruiting members status: We are currently recruiting members of all kind!
  • Server type: The server type is already decided - It's going to be a pvp server: Wildsoul
  • Requirements: You have to be atleast 18+ or very mature of your age - and of course you have to be danish ;-)

About us Edit

There's not much to tell..

Well.. The guild was created a few weeks before the Early Access started. We were a bunch of Schoolmates/friends who thought it might be neat to make a pure and mature danish guild for this game.

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