Guild Information
Guild name Cult of Yezm

Timezone GMT+1
Language English
Server Type PvE

General Information Edit

  • Guild Name: Cult of Yezm
  • Guild Website:[1]
  • Guild Forums:
  • Main Time Zone: GMT+1
  • Guild Leader: Abelram
  • Guild Recruiter: Abelram, Exarx. All our founding members can give you some information about the guild, just ask one of us and you will be redirected to the appropriate member.
  • Guild category: EU PvE and PvP
  • Roleplay: The guild is based on a faction within the Hyborian age setting. RP is optional
  • Voice: Ventrilo, Mumble and Yelling Out Loud
  • Recruiting members status: We are recruiting mature, social players who learn quickly.
  • Server:Ymir PvE English
  • Platform: Xbox is far, far away...
  • Age: 18+ Exceptions can be made if you are recommended by a founding member.
  • Organization: We are building our governing structure around our Founding Members.

About us Edit

The classic Secret Organization, the classic bad guys. Like every other ancient and well organized cult their goal is to take over the world. To be the puppet masters, controlling the Kings and rulers of the mighty kingdoms through subterfuge, to be the power behind the throne. The weapon is fear, and through murder and Machiavellian tactics the Cult makes even kingdoms cower in fear.

Through murder and threats the Cult managed once to become the masters of the Hyborian World, back in the glory days, even before the continent of Atlantis sank into the sea. Now the Cult of Yezm is spread over the whole Hyborian world, the positions as Yezmites has been passed from generation to generation, along with the secret signs and such. On the way the Cult's power has become weak, but is once again building power at their seat in Stygia. The cult seeks to build its own city where its members can secrectly scheme and organize for their world wide domination... The cult have degenerated over the centuries, the power gained through it's unity and secrecy dilluted by time.

Not long ago , through circumstances unkown, the cult members have reunited. The Cult remains hidden.

As a small guild, in the PvP world, it is possible to sign up as mercenaries for the larger guilds to assist them in their grand scale battlekeep assaults or defenses. I think we'd fit well into that category. Through several battles with good team play and good sportsmanship we can make our names as hard headed and otherwise fearless PvP-ers. Should our ranks swell to a number well above 50, our names shall be heard among the PvE crowd as well. We will aim for 50 members at launch and adjust our recruiting after that point.

Don't hesitate to contact us.

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