Guild Information
Guild name Cthulhu

Timezone GMT-5 Eastern Standard
Language English

We are a brand new guild, im am a very seasoned hardcore mmo enthusiast, with good leadership qualities and an amazing new premise for how a guild should be run. The purpose of Cthulhu is to allow mature focused hardcore players to put their gaming experience to use, where all members will have an equal say in how the guild is run. We put strong emphasis on success through guild solidarity. Unlike other guilds we greatly detest kicking members or disciplining them, we prefer to focus on conflict resolution through which we only strengthen ourselves as a whole.

Also we will be participating in Darkfall Online's clan beta very shortly so even if u dont want to join as a playing member of conan you are more than welcome to beta with us ^^

  • Guild category (PvE,PvP,Raid,Other): All of the above, Cthulhu Conquers ALL
  • Roleplay: Minor character roleplay with regards to how we address foes and other guilds and we would prefer if members at least recognized the guilds goal of major conquest and act accordingly
  • Voice: Vent will be implemented shortly ofter US release
  • Recruiting members status: Now recruiting, at the time of this post we literally consist of only recruiters and leaders.

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