Guild Information
Guild name Crucible
Website Temporarily down

Timezone US PST (-8 GMT)
Language English
Server Type RP-PvP
Realm Name Cimmeria

General Information Edit

  • Guild Name: Crucible
  • Guild Website: Temporarily down
  • IRC: To be determined.
  • Main Time Zone: US PST (-8GMT)
  • Guild Leader: Zazu
  • Guild Ambassadors: Haftigvarg
  • Guild category (PvE, PvP, Raid, Other): RP-PVP.
  • Roleplay: Light, some heavy RP events
  • Voice: Ventrilo
  • Recruiting members status: Crucible is presently recruiting all classes but has a priority on non-soldier archetypes. Please visit the Crucible website and forums for more information.
  • Server type: RP-PVP
  • Platform: PC, XBox when supported.
  • Age: All members of Crucible must be the age of majority in their country of residence, which is at least 18 years old for US citizens.

About us Edit

"The crucible is where the fires rage at temperatures unrivaled; a place where all that is inferior is burned away so only the purest elements remain.

Crucible is an Age of Conan guild dedicated to loyalty, achievement and the full enjoyment of the Age of Conan experience. We are a guild for the war hungry and the war weary, for those who have been betrayed and those who have been blessed.

You've spilled blood, yours and others'. You've trod the frosty mountaintops and felt the sting of sand across your cheeks. You've pulled your weary body through the thick slime of ancient swamps. But once you've passed through the crucible, what will you become?"

Crucible supports PvE, PvP, raiding, questing, siege combat and general exploration of the Age of Conan universe through light RP. A structured military and civilian system is in place to help guild members reach their desired level of interaction and accomplishment.

All members will undergo a two week probation during which their behavior, accomplishments an contributions are evaluated. At any time before the two weeks is up the new member may leave with no consequences as long as they give notice and exit the guild peaceably. Members of Crucible must register an account with the Crucible website within a week of joining or risk expulsion.

Rules Edit

These are the rules for joining and retaining membership in Crucible taken directly from the website.

1. Our Guild supports the Funcom TOS and expect members to abide by them.

2. Remember, you represent the Guild not just yourself, so please be responsible in public arenas at all times.

3. Griefing other guild members or allied guild members is prohibited.

4. Take every opportunity to put out a positive impression with other guilds.

5. Crucible will require 2 weeks of probation during which your attitude and demeanor will be assessed. All new recruits must register for the forums within their first 7 days in the guild.

6. Enjoy yourself in the guild and in the game.

Milestones Edit


Crucible was founded June 21st, 2008.


As of September 8th 2008, Crucible has completed all tier 2 city walls and buildings and has completed their 3 Keep.

Alliances and TreatiesEdit

Crucible has integrated the guild Tarantian Protectorate, affirmed between Zazu of Crucible and Stix of the Tarantian Protectorate on August 2nd, 2008. May this be the first of many mergers.

Crucible has integrated the guild The Raiders of Tethana, affirmed between Zazu of Crucible and Vaca of the Raiders of Tethana on July 28th, 2008.

A non-aggression pact exists between The Hand of Set and Crucible, affirmed between Zazu of Crucible and Eldwynn of The Hand Of Set on July 15th, 2008. This pact was reaffirmed with Jynxx of The Hand of Set on July 27th, 2008.

A non-aggression pact exists between The Amazons of Hyboria and Crucble, affirmed between Zazu of Crucible and Atalanta of The Amazons of Hyboria on August 22nd, 2008.

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