Guild Information
Guild name Crimson Brotherhood
Timezone U.S. CST/PST
Language English
Server Type U.S. RP-PvP

General Information Edit

About us Edit

We are a group of MMO gamers who started out around ten years ago in Ultima Online, and have adventured thru many worlds since then. In that span, we found all sorts of things we liked, and did not like, we've raided, we've PvP'd, we've been hardcore, and we've been casual players.

In that time, we've definitely changed, but we are at the point where we know exactly what we want from a game. We no longer have the time to pursue hardcore raiding, or spend in game. With our 20-30 hours per week that we still somehow manage to spend in game, we want to be able to log in to a group of friends. We want to be able to form groups, to explore, to take advantage of all Age of Conan has to offer. This means a guild city, and to get involved in the Siege Style PvP. We realize this means we will probably never fight over battlekeeps, but with things like towers and resource nodes, we'll have plenty to stay busy with.

We know we wont be a top progression guild, a hardcore raiding guild, or the dominant PvP guild on a server, and we are fine with that. What we can accomplish, is to allow the casual to hardcore player to find a home, to interact with others who share the same goals, and not just be a faceless number in a zerg guild. We'll be able to raid, to PvP, to explore, and do those things on our terms.

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