Guild Information
Guild name Cogent
Timezone CST
Language English
Server Type US PvP

General Information Edit


Guild: Cogent


Guild Forums:

Server: US PvP

Timezone: All NA Timezones ( EST, CST, MT, PST) You will always have Brothers/Sisters to group with.

Play Style: PvP, PvE, Raiding, City Building, Crafting, Mini-Game PvP, Battle Keep, Massive Siege PvP, Ect...

About us Edit


What does Cogent mean?

It by definition means Forcibly convincing.

What is the plan for Cogent in Age of Conan?

Through the years of gaming this guild has learned that we can fully experience the whole game with a high variety of diferent types of gamers. We mix our guild with casual players, Hard core pvpr's, And raid minded boss fighters. With a large number of relaxed people with the mindset for fun and patient enough to tolerate certain people that they wouldn't normally associate with, that a strong number of players can make it so that the guild can actively participate in every aspect of a online game such as Age of Conan.

What is the structure of the leadership body of the guild?

Well it does depend greatly on the guild structure provided within Age of Conan on how the leadership body will be structured. Be assured that I will make, to the best of my ability, a strong leading body for the guild where everyones opinion is heard and considered, for if you are not allowed an opinion on how the guild is going (or ran) people feel like they have no participation in that guild. So know, that I will structure a fair body to take us in a fun fashion to all ends of the game with research and raid leaders and a higharchy everyone can talk to. I've also learned too many leaders is bad as well!

What kind of people will be allowed in the guild?

Recruits must be 18 or older with the exception of family members of guildies. There are all types of players, Cogent will welcome them all! But anyone displaying disrespectful attitudes towards guildies, extremely bad playing abilities, or dishonor Cogent ingame or cause excessive drama will be booted!

What are the rules for the guild?

Once I have established the ranking order of the guild depending on the games system for the guild, we will then establish basic rules for the guild and it will be written as the guilds charter!

In ending this question and answer period I just want to say that Cogent is a gaming guild that has played together for several years. We have grown strong friendships and abilities for playing online games and taking people through all experiences that the games have to offer. Cogent does not specialize in just 1 aspect of any game. So we may not progress as fast and lets say just a raiding guild. But Cogent has always been at the top with the best guilds these games have to offer. So if you want to have a fun, relaxed, pressure free gaming experience ,without demands from the guild to do certain things or be online at certain times. Then this is the guild for you!

I hope I answered most question that you would have about us, if your interested in getting in the ground level of a great guild, in a game that is going to prove to be bad ass please post your information on our forums so we can contact u for server information!

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