Guild Information
Guild name Clan Cruiadh

Server Type <PvP-RP> [[Category:<PvP-RP> Guilds]]
Realm Name <Aquilonia> [[Category:<Aquilonia> Guilds]]

General Information Edit

  • Guild Name: Clan Cruiadh
  • Guild Website:
  • Main Time Zone: EU
  • Guild Leader: Danielon
  • Guild Recruiter: Aren, Shiwan, Ricthyon, Lownan
  • Guild category: RP PvP
  • Roleplay: Cimmerian
  • Voice: Ventrilo 3
  • Recruiting members status: Recruiting, Cimmerians only
  • Server type: PvP-RP
  • Age: 18

About us Edit

Members of Clan Cruiadh have gathered up and have desided to rebuild their tribe. Long have we been scattered, some of us took the path of mercenaries, some took the path as free swords without costs to the other Cimmerian tribes... but now...

It's time for us to call out to the sons and daughters of Cruiadh, we are gathering up, aiming to rebuild our strength. With this ambition, we also welcome nomads and tribless Cimmerians a place to live.

For those who doesn't know about us We were one of the 40 clans who united and butchered the Aquilonians who tried to take our land. We are one of the clans that put up fierce resistance to the first Vanir push, we sacrified both blood and land for it and our clan was scattered.

To this day we are still fighting the Vanir, making them suffer for what they have done. We have seen the Cimmerian clans themselves change, some taking in southlanders in their tribes. Some clans have been turning against eachother, even tho we face the threat of both Vanirs and southlanders. We will stay pure blooded Cimmerians.

You can join as Kinsman, a pure blooded Cruiadh

or you can join as a Comrade, an outsider who is either from another tribe who is no more or tribeless.

Kinsmen do have a chance at elder spots and war cheif possition, aswell as cheiftain if the current one should die.

Comrades cannot advance to be Cruiadh blood on a whim.

War Cheif and Elders ranks are about how the Clan Cruiadh Council work.

Even tho you are a Comrade and wish to remain so, you can still prove to be an exellent leader in battle and honored as such.

We're not an army stuctured guild, we're are a Cimmerian clan.

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