Guild Information
Guild name Circle of Iron
Timezone EST
Language English
Server Type RP-PvP
Realm Name Cimmeria

General Information Edit

  • Guild Name: Circle of Iron
  • Guild Website:
  • Guild Forums:
  • Main Time Zone: EST
  • Guild Leader: Nysom
  • Guild category (PvE, PvP, Raid, Other): PvE/Raid/Siege
  • Guild Type: We are a light RP guild focused on siege warfare and raid content. We do not typically RP in guild chat or vent, but we RP with others or in groups when appropriate. We will not be griefing other players or killing on sight.
  • Voice: Ventrillo, leased commercial server.
  • Recruiting members status: Yes
  • Server type: RP-PvP
  • Platform: PC

About us

We are the Circle of Iron. Unbreakable, unbending, and most of all united. We have no ending or beginning. In a world such as ours there is no room for a weak link. We fight together, we die together, and together we shall conqueror this world.

They may try and persuade us, conquer us, enslave us, but we will prevail. We will fight off all of those around us and make our home, not allowing anybody else the means to take that away from us. We fight with cunning and skill. We fight with determination and unwavering ardor. Why do we fight you may ask? Desire. And not just desire for the spoils of violence and war, but the deep rooted desire to call a place home, to call ourselves free.

The scars on our bodies tell our tales. The hardened glint in our eyes warns you of our primal power. Through steel, arrows, magical energy or pure brute strength, we have carved our path through this world. Once individual, once alone in this harsh world, we found each other. We are lost souls bound together by the cruelness of our surroundings. We are ambitious agents bound together to bleed this world of what we need. We are now and forever bound together in a Circle of Iron.

Our Goals Edit

Our two main goals are acquiring and defending a keep and conquering all of the game's raid content. But, to be fair, that is the goal of nearly every guild right new. It's only natural when the game is new. Rather than repeating the obvious, we think it makes more sense to talk about what our initial goals will be as we level. Our main goal initially will be to level together as a strong group, build and train a talented player base. In other words, we want to give ourselves the practical foundation to be able to achieve those end-game goals.

We also strive to do this ethically. We will not be griefing other players or killing on sight. If you enjoy doing that, this may not be the guild for you. We will also be seeking guild alliances, especially ones that offer the possibility for interesting RP.

What We Offer Edit

  • Support and resources inside of the game:
    • Security in Numbers: We will have the membership numbers needed so that you can quest and adventure in the world with security. We strive to get people from multiple time zones, so that this will hold true during as much of the day and night as possible. We already have people from EST, CST, PST and Oceanic areas.
    • Information and Mentors: We will have explicit resources to help people learn the game and become more skilled. Age of Conan is a game that's introducing many new mechanisms with much more complexity than that found in most other MMOs. To deal with that and get up to speed as fast as possible, we have members who will focus on particular aspects to provide explanation and in game training to other members. In previous games we've played, this soon translates into considerable and often unique web resources.
    • Crafting Resources: As we approach the crafting levels, we plan to pool our resources so that we can excel in crafting and have the best crafted items available for our members.
  • Support and Resources outside of the game:
    • A commercial-grade forum that is very active. Our members talk about Age of Conan, analyze the mechanics of the game, debate sports, geek out over TV shows and just basically shoot the shit. If you're a social forum person, you'll really like it here. (You should also put it in your app, since we definitely see that as an asset.)
    • A commercial vent server that will be expanded as our needs grow.
    • A full calendar system with a robust event scheduling and and an RSVP mechanism (allows you to say yes, no or maybe to events). We have some talented coders in the guild, so, in the future, we will be creating a custom modification to allow us to determine the optimal times for keep defense, based on the ever-changing availability of our members. This should make it easier for everyone to participate.
    • A live chat system. This is integrated in our web site and is useable from work.
    • A well thought-out EPGP system to be used in raids. This is a raid loot distribution mechanism system that is very friendly to new recruits, rewards veteran raiders, and avoids the caste system that traditional dkp systems often turn into (where the same players always get the best gear first). This system has been tested in other MMOs and is ready to go when we reach that portion of end-game.
  • Transparent and Receptive Leadership
    • Our leaders have been leaders in other guilds and have shown, above all else, integrity and intelligence. They value the needs of the guild over their own. They strive to use structured arguments to support their decision rather than simply dictating what they think should be.
      • Most discussions are held right in the open so people can participate and be invested in their results.
      • We have a single guild leader to provide direction, a "Circle of the Devout" to provide balanced perspective, and several ranks and positions to allow as many members as possible to be involved. We don't want members who are just cogs. We want people who are invested and contribute.
      • Lots of guilds have "no drama" rules, and, quite frankly, they don't mean much. It usually means that they are either (a) draconian and will quickly kick people out at the first sign of disagreement or (b) that they are completely unrealistic and have no meaningful way to avoid or deal with drama. We hold a more pragmatic view and know that drama is usually unavoidable and needs to be handled with maturity. In our experience, drama is usually a result of people not having respect for others or people with legitimate complaints who feel unheard. As such, we will will be vigilant in regards to such people, especially early in the membership process, and we will have mechanism so that everyone can be heard and participate in the guild.

What We Require Edit

  • Ambition: While we are not the traditional definition of hardcore -- many of us have a busy real life that does not allow for unlimited game-time -- we are also not casual. We care about the game; we want to progress our characters and our guild and we want to be victorious in whatever we do. We are therefore driven, organized and dedicated and want members that share similar drive. We have no rules or expectations about how much time one should spend in game, but we do want people who try to contribute in the time that they do spend.
  • Social skills: We are a community of friends of all ages and backgrounds that will survive comings and goings of online games and promote true friendships that will be enjoyed for years to come. We want people who are social and are fun to play with. Being fun in vent is a plus. Being active in the forums is an asset.
  • Intelligence and Ability: We want players who are skilled or at least willing to learn, so that they can eventually be as skilled as possible. We also favor those who can spell and use full sentences.
  • We are currently recruiting people of all classes, races and time zones. If you have previous leadership, raid or PvP experience, that is a plus.

We are the Circle of Iron. Unbreakable, unbending, and most of all united. We have no ending or beginning. If being part of this circle is something that interests you, please visit our site and fill out an application.

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