Guild Information

Timezone GMT+2
Language ENGLISH
Server Type PVE

General Information Edit

  • Guild Website:
  • Guild Forums:
  • IRC:
  • Main Time Zone:GMT+2
  • Guild Leader:BLOODBEAR
  • Guild Recruiter:BLOODBEAR, elder VULZEVUL
    Troy 07
    , elder SKETLI
  • Guild category PVE
  • Roleplay:YES
  • Voice:NO
  • Recruiting members status:RECRUITING
  • Server type:PVE
  • Platform:PC
  • Age:MATURE

About us Edit

"ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE" interactive help on different quests. For now.

The Cimmerians are a barbarous people, with a culture shaped by their harsh and dreary land to the point where foreigners look askance at the tribes of the north and wonder if they ever laugh or sing any songs beyond dismal dirges. To the world beyond Cimmeria, the barbarians of this cold and rugged region are locked in the misery of internal wars between feuding tribes and surviving through the efforts of dedicated hunters that provide for each community. The Cimmerians live hand to mouth in a hostile realm. It earns them the pity of the other nations, but it gives them a strength no training can ever teach.([[Media:[1]]]) Our members are free in action but when necessary every member will help another or the guild to pass a quest or a menace . At the trading post members will find weapons and items put there by those members does not use that . We keep open the guild channel to be up to date with others members. Recruiting is open , and everybody will be judged by his/her acts and discipline . When asking for help mention the quest and the npc that give the quest and where. GOOD HUNT CIMMERIANS !

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