Guild Information
Guild name Cerca Trova

Language English
Server Type Unknown

General Information Edit

  • Guild Name: Cerca Trova
  • Guild Website:
  • Guild Forums:
  • Guild category (PvE, PvP, Raid, Other): PvE
  • Roleplay: no
  • Recruiting members status: actively recruiting
  • Server type: PvE
  • Platform: all

About us Edit

Cerca Trova has set out in it's foundation to ensure quality membership led by dedicated, ever-present, leadership. We are a tight knit guild finally opening it's doors publically to members of the AoC community. Migrant from a game whose development was cancelled, Cerca Trova has a dedicated history of comeraderie and community investment. We're proud of who we are and are happy to have joined the AoC community

The primary interest of Cerca Trova is to ensure the membership are properly represented and provided for by the guild. To build a strong and durable guild which can offer the whole of AoC on a platter for it's members. The focus of our members is currently honed upon city building and PvE though that will change as we grow and advance.

Though we're focused on our primary interest - which is again, city building. We effort to ensure that members can excel and develop thier own interests in PvP with expected support from within. Ultimately we will move as a group to new and bigger goals as the membership advances in the game.

To be short we simply want to be the best. The best home for our members, the best represented on the boards as courtious and knowledgable, the best in game progress and simply the best satisfied player base we can be.

Or put in basic - We want to have fun and walk through all AoC has to offer.

We're not overly interested in crippling or slowing down the advancement of other guilds - We're not interested in casting shadows over other player groups.

We are intersted in being able to take great pride in our achievements and being a group that other player groups can regard happily and maybe even a bit enviously *wink*.

If you believe you can count yourself as mature, yet able to enjoy a relaxed casually interpersonal atmosphere. Or if your a hardcore player type - who can respect dedication and high goals. Then drop on by our site. We plan on having a long lifespan in AoC and we're setting the bar for ourselves as high as we can.

If you feel that you would fit in with Cerca Trova, and would like to join us playing on the US PvE servers, please stop by at our forums and introduce yourself!

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